SodaStream Product Review

soda stream product review
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I consider myself very lucky, to have been selected to do this product review. I know, I say that with each and every product I review – but each time I say it it’s true. I doubt I ever will get over that feeling, it is amazing to get to test products and tell a company what you honestly think of their product.

This time I was lucky enough to get to reivew a Sodastream! What is a Sodastream you may ask? It is a small machine for you kitchen that allows you to make sparking juice, flavored water and even your own soda pop! I took a while to do this review, because I wanted to make sure I had a solid understanding of the product, how to use it and the different options that were provided.

SodaStream Kit

When the package came I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do first , or what I should consider trying. I carefully put all of the syrups and the water flavors aside and opened the package.

I was sent the Fountain Jet model to test – the box had 6 one serving syrups in it. This made the first two attempts easier since I didn’t have to open a large syrup and make that decision yet. The Fountain Jet was easy to assemble, and the directions were quick and easy to read. I think the total assembly took me under 5 minutes, and no tools were required.

I followed the directions and made my first bottle of soda. I will admit, I didn’t put enough fizz in it! I think I might have missed one pump of the Carbonator. But it still tasted great!

Since then, we’ve tried several flavors. There were some that were hits in the family, others that weren’t so much and still others that are becoming a fall back for our household!

The flavor selection amazes me. You can have pretty much anything from orange soda, cola, diet cola, energy drinks and rootbeer on demand. Anything you want within a couple minutes in your own kitchen. Without the hassel of driving to your store, or paying deposits, or returning the bottles – just the flavor you want when you want it.

Some people are skeptical about having something like this in your home. But this is why I love it:

  1. There is no power involved. It doesn’t need a plug, and doesn’t draw power when it’s not in use.
  2. The small footprint! It doesn’t eat a huge amount of counter space. In a small old house like ours, this is a HUGE plus. I can easily slide it out of the way when it’s not in use, or bring it out when I want to make something.
  3. You can create the flavor you want to go with your meal. Something for you, something for the kids, or anyone else. It has great flexibility. You can match your meal with your soda (almost like wine)
  4. It makes a limited amount – you can control the amount of soda in the house, or for a meal. You can put it up if the family has reached the amount of soda you want them to have.
  5. You can add your own juice, powdered drinks etc once your water has been carbonated! Any flavor you want!
  6. This is my favorite reason – You KNOW what is in your drink. This is very important in our house because of allergies. If I use the syrups, fresh squeezed juice etc – I know exactly what is in my drink and I that I wont get sick from un-needed additives.

I said previously that it took me a while to do this review. There is a reason for this – I wanted to do the product justice.

Yesterday, I ran to store to get a few items. After I did my rounds of the store I was tired and thirsty. The store always has the heat on high at the front of the store. I considered swining by 7-11 to pick up a slurpee or a drink for when I was making dinner. Instead my thought process changed quickly to “No, I’ll just make some soda when I get home”. I smiled when that thought crossed my mind – because I knew I had all of the info I wanted to put in the review.

Once an item becomes part of your normal process it is definitely one you’ll consider promoting. I have to say – I love the ease and making my own soda and flavored water at home.

I honestly think that this is a great gift idea for your family – that’s why I’m going to put this in the Christmas Countdown Category as well.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Sodastream or more information on their product – please check out their website. They have several flavors, water additives, energy drinks and much more. Besides the easy of use – just think how much money you can save using one!


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