Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Helps with After Santa

Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide review

Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide reviewThere is a time that most parents dread – when their child is too old for Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and any of the other traditions that are a part of childhood. Not only does it signify the end of some innocence of their child, but now comes the hard part of making sure that they don’t spoil it for other children. I remember when I found out that my parents were the ones taking the bites out of Santa’s cookies, even though years before I thought it was odd that his hand writing looked a lot like my mom’s.  Now, there’s a new tool for parents to help reveal the truth to their children, and to help them encourage keeping the secrets of the holiday seasons -the Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide.

Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide reviewIt’s not going to be much longer until Goonie hears the truth from an older kid on the playground, so we were happy when we were sent a Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide and kit to review. The set comes with a beautifully made two sided ornament as well as a field guide that helps kids learn the truth gently as well as a mission welcome letter and bookmark for your child.

Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide reviewInside the field guide are games as well as missions your child can do surrounding the holidays. Decode the message and find out who lives in the North Pole, and who may not be exactly who you thought he was. Each mythical character has a different section for your child to decode and read about. This will make it easier as you reveal the truth about one or more of the characters they’ve loved for several years.

Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide reviewOne of my favorite things in the Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide kit is the medallion you can give your child. It is beautifully made and on a red cord so you can hang it on the tree or in a place of honor as a reminder for your child. The front has the the societies name on it, and the back has the words that are associated with the Society – Empowerment, Agency, Respect, Curiosity and Integrity. It’s a nice visual reminder of the secrets they are helping you keep to maintain the spirit of the season.

Society of Seasonal Secretkeepers Field Guide reviewThe medallion, or seal as it’s referred to is actually made of metal and is heirloom quality. Not only will look beautiful hanging on your tree, but it is something that can be handed from child to child and possibly down generations as well. While we’re not looking forward to the day that we have to give this to Goonie, we know that it will help explain to him the magic that is created and the reason he should keep the secrets.

Overall the set is great, and for only $28 it’s a nice way to let your child know the truth about Santa Claus if they’ve reached the age where they’re questioning or other children have told them the truth. Use Coupon Code SECRET2015 for a 30% discount on your order.


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