Snyders of Berlin Brings Gluten Free Chips to the Market!

snyders of berline gluten free

snyders of berline gluten freeI swear, I get excited every time I find a new gluten free product from a brand I know and trust. Following their gluten free pretzels, Snyders of Berlin has now brought out some fantastic gluten free potato chips, and they come in some of our favorite flavors. Snyders of Berlin sent me a couple of their new flavors to try out and see how they compare to others we’ve tried.

What most people don’t realize is potato chips are usually gluten free as long as they’re only fried with other potato chips. The problem comes in when flavors are added, and you have to spend about 20 minutes decoding the ingredients to see if you can have them. Is this Maltodextrin safe? And what does “spices” included? Is it really “natural and artificial” flavoring and what exactly did they use in the artificial flavors? It can be hard to work it all out and more than anything it can be annoying to have to ask those questions.

This is where Snyders of Berlin stepped in, using certified gluten free products they decided to bring some of the your favorite flavors to the shelves including Sour Cream and Onion and Bar-B-Q. I’m not a huge fan of Bar-B-Q flavored chips, so I had some assistance in enjoying those, but the Sour Cream and Onion were all mine! Each chip is packed with flavor but not coated and the same quality you’ve grown to expect from Snyders. Since we’re not use to having too many chips and snacks in the house because of the allergy concerns, we did find the chips were a little salty to us, but over all we liked the flavor and the bags didn’t last long at all!

We enjoyed the chips and the peace of mind that they were chips the whole family could enjoy. If you have additional allergy concerns that’s something Snyders has considered as well. You can find nutritional information and allergen information for their products on their website. We’re excited for the new gluten free options and can’t wait to see more from Snyders of Berlin.


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