papyrus snuggle mug review

Snuggle Up with the Carpe Diem Mug from Papryrus

papyrus snuggle mug reviewSome mornings we need a little extra encouragement to get going, and a lot of us turn to coffee for that morning boost. But the encouragement can be found on your mug as well, with the adorable Snuggle mugs from Papyrus. They sent us the Purple Carpe Diem Snuggle Mug to help us kick start our day, and the large size and shape is just what we need for our morning brew.

papyrus snuggle mug reviewThe Carpe Diem Snuggle Mug is a large 17 oz coffee mug that holds more than your average coffee cup. The overall shape makes it seem like it’s smaller than that, but it’s the shape that does all the work. The deep mug holds enough brew to get our through your morning errands and beyond.

papyrus snuggle mug reviewWhy is it called a snuggle mug? Again, it’s all in the shape! The rounded sides make it easy to hold in your hands and snuggle up. The mug fits comfortably in your hands while you are working or getting started for the day. It’s the perfect mug to warm up with after playing out in the cold, or even to use to have your soup in.

The Carpe Diem mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and the gold and shades of purple make it the perfect gift for the lady in your life. We love it, and it definitely helps us Cease the Day!

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