Smart Tips For Roadtrippers

Who doesn’t love planning a road trip and going on and adventure? There is no doubt about it that road trips are pretty exciting and are often jaunts that are long in duration and come with a real sense of an experience that lies ahead.

Impromptu trips are often the most fun way of setting off on a journey, but it’s always good to have a few pointers to bear in mind before you hit the road.

Soundtrack to your adventure

Don’t just rely on the radio to entertain you on your travels. You’ll want to make sure that you’re equipped with your favourite music to drive along to. Make sure you’ve downloaded some playlists to your smartphone and away you go. If you do switch on the radio, then tune into the local stations of where you’re travelling through, to create some wonderful memories – even if you don’t like the music!

Consider what car you’re travelling in

You may be using your own car but if not, have you thought about what type of car will suit your needs if you use a rental car?  It all very much depends on your destination, what type of road trip it is and how many people will be going along for the ride. Will you need 4-wheel drive or would you prefer a convertible for that Thelma and Louise vibe? Ensure that you take out adequate insurance and assume that you may need a mobile mechanic at some point on your journey.

Be aware of local rules

Be savvy about where you’re driving to and through. Each country has different rules that you need to abide by and you don’t want to come unstuck by breaking rules unwittingly. Make sure that you take a quick look at tips and advice on the local tourism sites online.

Utilize your smartphone

You can even do this when you’ve just started on the road, but make sure that your phone is set up with handy apps that you’ll need along the way. There are apps for city guides, ones for hotels and ones that can help you plan your route and beyond. It’s best to have them in place, so that you have the tools available to you when you need them – which you may need to access fairly quickly.

Try the local food establishments

Don’t be afraid to try some places that you might not normally visit. You can enrich your experience by choosing a local restaurant over a hotel chain.

Once again, use apps to help you find places that are right around you and you might just discover an amazing little place off the beaten track.

Mix up your route

Usually if you take the scenic route, you’re opting for a longer trip, but who wants to just see streams of cars on a soulless route? Learn to be a little more spontaneous on your trip and make some spur of the moment decisions that might just take you on an unforgettable adventure.

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