Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground Now on DVD!

slugterra review

Slugterra: Heroes of the Underground

Even the smallest creature can be a hero. That is exacty what SlugTerra is about – small heroes that make a big difference! Shout Factory sent us a copy of SlugTerra Heroes of the Underground to review.

The movie collection features five new episodes full of super hero powered fun! The collection follows Eli Shane and his friends they call “slugslingers” as well as his best friend Burpy. You get to go on their adventures as they fight of an Ice Ogre, a con artists, a cyclops or in search of a mystical treasure. The collection is a lot of fun for children of any age and will let your little ones know that it doesn’t matter how big they are – they can make a difference!

The DVD features five new episodes that delve deeper into the SlugTerra’s 99 caverns. Slug it out with new episodes and extras!

Episodes include:

  • Snowdance
  • Inheritance
  • A Distant Shore
  • The Journey Home
  • Roboslugs

DVD Bonus Features Include:

  • Drawing Your Own Slugs!
  • Slugisodes

Total Runtime: 110 Minutes

SlugTerra: Heroes of the Underground is now available on Amazon or at a store near you!


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