Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition – Released from the Disney Vault for a Limited Time #ChristmasCountdown

sleeping beauty diamond edition review
Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Review
With the popularity of Maleficent this year, it’s no wonder why Disney’s next classic to come out of their Vault is Sleeping Beauty. The first story to tell the story of both Aurora and Maleficent, and how the princess and witch meet.

Although my Disney collection is pretty extensive, Sleeping Beauty wasn’t one of the movies that graced our shelves. Aurora was a princess I grew up watching the 1959 classic cartoon, but I never got a copy of the movie to add to our collection. So when Disney asked if we wanted to review the new Diamond Edition release, I was more than happy to welcome the princess and the movie into our home and collection.

The story of Aurora and being cursed by the wicked witch is something we’ve grown up knowing. It’s based on an oral story from the 1300’s but was first recorded by Charles Perrault in the 1650’s. It’s almost a story we grow up knowing from the time we’re born, but there’s a lot more to the Disney version. The new Diamond Edition comes with the classic movie we’re use to as well as two hours of bonuses including deleted scenes and documentaries including the Art of Evil and fun sing alongs for the kids! It has a total run time of 75 minutes for the feature film then the bonuses.

Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition comes with the movie on Blu-Ray, a Digital Copy as well as a DVD. You can find it in stores everywhere and online starting on October 7th. Or you can pre-order a copy of Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition on Amazon. I’t been released for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance to enjoy one of your favorite classics.

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