Skip the Winter Cold and Have Deliver the Groceries

142 discount code discount codeIf you’re like me – you’re over this winter.. I’m sick of the cold, sick of driving on ice and even more sick of having to walk inside over heated stores than back to the arctic blast. With the long days of winter dragging on, I’ve been looking for other ways to get the essentials we use brought to the house, and the idea of grocery delivery is one that I immediately fell in love with.

There are several different grocery services out there, but often they require you order in bulk or to stock the pantry for the 2 day shipping option. Instead, I’ve started looking at the online ordering and having our groceries delivered when I need them. Let’s face it, we all have our staples and our go-to items, why run out when you can order them and have them waiting at the door when you get home. asked me to share their service with my readers, and why I love the idea of it.

What is your go to meal in your house? Or really – what is your favorite thing to make for dinner? I absolutely love making Salisbury Steak this time of year, but hate when I run out of ingredients. If it’s the gluten free panko, the gluten free soy sauce, the Worcestershire sauce or even ketchup – everything is essential to getting the perfect meal. But finding the right brand, or even finding some of the gluten free ingredients is hard at the local stores. This is where comes in handy – they not only have a huge gluten free section – but often it’s cheaper than buying it in the store. I don’t have to buy enough to fill a shelf in the basement, just one bottle or bag at a time. And even better – it shows up within 2 days. This comes in handy when I’m meal planning!

But it’s more than just food you can find on, it’s also toiletries and paper products. It’s snacks, plants and gift baskets. You can find Gluten free, Kosher, Dairy Free, Organic, and Vegan Options. You can find international food options like Indian Foods, Japanese and even Filipino. You can find name brand and smaller brands. And besides saving you time running to the store and searching for those obscure ingredients, does free delivery over $35, with free returns. isn’t just for groceries, but you can find a ton of great items on the site. New shoppers save 20% on their fresh grocery order on using the discount code FEBGROCERY20. discount code


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