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dryel review

dryel reviewWhen I started my job at a new school last year, it meant I needed a new wardrobe. While one classroom setting was a bit more relaxed and I could wear jeans, but the other class required more business attire. My wardrobe from working at home and on my own quickly changed from super casual to a lot of dresses and slacks. But with the new wardrobe comes special washing instructions and hefty dry cleaning bills – something I’ve never been a fan of.

We invest a lot of money in our dress clothes, so making sure they last a long time and look nice is a priority. Dry cleaning is one option to keep your clothes fresh and looking nice, but many people aren’t a fan of the cost. The last time I was traveling to have one shirt laundered was over $5. So finding a cleaning alternative for my dress clothes became a priority. Enter Dryel – the at home dry cleaning product. Dryel sent me their starter kit and a refill package to try out on my dress clothes.

dryel reviewThe Dryel Starter kit comes with a bag, 4 Dryel cleaning clothes and a spray bottle of the Dryel cleaning spray. Dryel works on your dry clean only items and special wash items without actually throwing them into your washing machine where the agitation can do damage to the garment. Instead with Dryel, you add up to 5 garments in the bag after spraying them with the Dryel cleaner spray. Simple secure the bag and toss it in the dryer for 15-30 minutes. The heat in your dryer activates the Dryel cleaner and it helps remove dirt and stains. Once your dryer is done, remove and hang up your garments. Not only will the wrinkles be gone (no worry about ironing later!) but they will be clean and ready to wear in just a few minutes.

Remember that getting just one item dry cleaned is around $5 or more, the starter kit of Dryel is around $15 and can do up to 20 garments. The price savings alone makes Dryel a win in my book, plus the convenience of having dry cleaned clothes right from your own dryer is even better. We don’t have to wait days to get our work clothes back, and having our work clothes cleaned quickly has become part of our weekend laundry routine.

Find out more about Dryel and cleaning your dry clean only and special care products at home on their website.


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