pizzeria pronto review

Skip Delivery and Fire Your Own Pizza with a Pizzeria Pronto

pizzeria pronto reviewThere’s a new way to have pizza night, and it doesn’t require a delivery charge. Instead of calling and ordering a pizza from a place that only has a certain selection of toppings. Instead, you can make your own pizza – just how you like it, in less time. We have a secret weapon on our patio, that we can pack with us to take camping and even tailgating with – the Pizzeria Pronto. We were sent the compact pizza oven to use on patio, and not only has it been perfect for quick dinners, our friends and family love it!

pizzeria pronto reviewThe Pizzeria Pronto was introduced earlier this year, and the easy to carry pizza oven can fully cook your 10 inch pizza in only 5 minutes. The stone pizza oven can preheat up to 700 degrees in 10 minutes, providing you with fast fired pizzas in your own back yard or your next tailgating party. All you need to add is your crust, toppings and have a pizza peel to take your pizza in and out of the oven.

pizzeria pronto reviewAssembling the Pizzeria Pronto was easy to do, other than needing a screw driver – everything was included. I actually set my Pizzeria Pronto up on an old grill that is set into our patio and leveled the legs out. After attaching my propane tank to the pizza oven I turned the dial to get it started. The only problem we had – it wouldn’t light. Moving the dial back and forth a few times creates the movement of a igniter switch, but not the speed it needs. Instead, I ended up making sure the gas was flowing and reaching in with my grill lighter to get it started. I think the ignition problems may be the only problem I had with the Pizzeria Pronto, and only thing I can find negative about the unit.

pizzeria pronto reviewSince I’m using a homemade gluten free crust, I ordered some pizza baking trays and used a cut down oven mat to keep the pizzas ready to go and so they super sticky dough doesn’t stick to the pizza stone. Since the pizza oven’s temperature can be easily adjusted I use it for not just pizza, but also for my high temperature gluten free breads. Just be sure to pay attention to the instructions to rotate your food with the pizza peel halfway through or you will have one burnt half of anything you cook because of the high heat.

pizzeria pronto reviewFor years I’ve looked at the built in brick ovens that our neighbors have in their yards and have wanted something similar to fire bread or pizza in, but didn’t want the cost, or to lose such a big part of our yard to constructing one. I’m happy instead to have the compact and portable Pizzeria Pronto instead. It stores easily in my office or in the shed in the off season, cooks delicious pizza in no time at all, makes dinner time so much easier. It’s a great alternative for making delicious dinners, and even better for baking bread without heating up the house. In the same amount of time it’d take to order a pizza and wait for it to be delivered, I can bake 3 or more at home and have everyone eating a meal we made together.

pizzeria pronto review

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