Skinny & Co Offers Chemical Free Body Products for Traveling and More

Skinny & Co Coconut Oil Review

Skinny & Co Coconut Oil Review

When you pack your carry on bag for traveling – what do you put in it? I always try to keep everything I need in one bag that I can carry on the plane. Not only does that mean paying less in baggage fees, it also saves me time when I get off the flight and means I can quickly get to my destination and freshen up after we land. That means keeping all of my toiletries TSA compliant sized that could fit in the clear bag security requires. The problem I always run into is finding the TSA compliant products that are natural and high quality.

Skinny & Co Coconut Oil ReviewTo help with an upcoming trip, Skinny & Company sent me their travel kit for an upcoming trip. Inside the kit is their 2 oz Coconut Oil, 2 oz Facial Oil, 2 oz Oil Pulling, 2 oz Whipped Body Butter and a 2 oz Sugar Scrub. Each of the products is in a small glass jar with a screw on lid that packs easily in your bags. The packaging is beautiful, but more importantly is what’s inside each jar – a natural body product to keep you fresh and beautiful on the go.

Skinny & Company source their coconut oil from wild plants, not ones that are on plantations. And their small batched products come from source. You can tell that the products aren’t cut with cheaper products and are high quality. The products are a nice luxury to have in your bag, and my favorites so far are the body butter and sugar scrub. They allow me to pamper myself after a long and stressful day on the go. They are quickly becoming a travel must have in my bag!

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