Six ways to improve your essay writing skills

How not to panic when writing coursework remotely

If you are a high school, college, or university student, it is a great time to enhance your writing skills. Academia serves as a fantastic place for that because of the constant flow of assigned tasks. Regardless of your major, you are likely to get many writing assignments. To complete them, you have to meet several components that identify a successful paper. A formatting style, structure, and requirements are only a part of what you have to follow to compose an essay. If you’re looking for assistance online from gb whatsapp or other services. Indeed, there are many academic writing services you can buy essay writing from. However, if you want to boost your writing abilities, it is crucial to deal with your assignments on your own. To get a clear picture of how to write better, keep reading this article.

Write Every Single Day

Yes, it may sound incredibly dull. But this is a truism. To be able to craft a top-notch essay, you have to write frequently. Don’t have a writing assignment to complete? No problem, you can write about anything! Remember, though, to follow the rules of a standard essay, which are:

  • The Introduction

The introductory part comprises an opening sentence, also known as a hook, background information, and a thesis statement. The latter tends to be the most important item of the entire essay. It serves as a roadmap and informs the reader about the ideas you will develop within the essay.

  • The Body

When it comes to the body part, it usually contains three paragraphs, 100-word each. Each body section starts with a topic sentence, which reflects the idea from a thesis statement. Remember that one paragraph means one idea. The last sentence of each body part is transitive, making the essay coherent and understandable.

  • The Conclusion

Writing a conclusion, you rephrase your thesis statement, wrap up the paper’s content, and provide the reader with the most critical ideas. Oftentimes, the last sentence is called a CTA (Call to Action), which stands for motivating the readers to discuss the topic in a broader scope or to keep researching it.

Even though it is considered formal writing, you will also boost your informal writing. This is specifically useful for those who plan on creating content in the future. Also, you can write posts on social media platforms on different subjects.

Befriend Outlines

Another way to brush up your writing skills is to design an outline of every paper you write. Whether you complete a home assignment or write blog posts for customers, you have to ensure your written piece is cohesive. An outline is a great tool that helps you stick to the initial plan. Being able to write a solid layout, you will never miss any vital point. Even if an outline is not obligatory, it is still good to craft it before writing an entire essay.

Enrich Your Knowledge By Reading

Reading also helps develop writing skills. Depending on what you are interested in, you can read specific literature to enlarge your area of expertise. Whether you want to generate content, you can read about writing and blogging. In turn, if you want to delve into academic writing, formats, structure, and a proper vocabulary, you can read scholarly articles on subjects that interest you the most.

Master Your Vocabulary

Knowing many words is great. However, you should know the meaning of the words and write proper terms that fit the context. That said, if you are involved in content writing, you should follow the KISS strategy, which means Keep it simple, Susan.

Concerning formal writing, you have to stick to a neutral tone. Under no circumstances should you write your paper, including first-person pronouns, slang, and jargon. To learn more, go back to the previous tip.

Let Your Writing Be Checked

Having someone to analyze your paper will perfect your entire writing style. If you have a friend, colleague, or family member that can evaluate your essay and provide you with meaningful feedback, go for it! A plethora of prominent writers used to have people to check their pieces before publishing. And guess what. These editors often slated authors’ papers! However, the vast majority of such writers confirm the usefulness of having such a person because they allow you to look at papers from different angles. Make sure to receive the critique politely.

Check Your Papers Yourself

Probably, the most challenging aspect to attain in real-life. Being able to remain objective in regard to your own papers is a thing that is hard to master. But if you succeed in it, be confident that your work will get the highest grade from the educator. Whatever the paper is – whether it is an impro or a part of a home assignment – editing it is an indispensable element. That is, when writing the first draft, be sure to meet the following tips:

  • Find a tranquil place and read the first paper’s version out loud. This will help you spot typos, grammatical mistakes, misspellings, hard to read sentences, and other errors.
  • Utilize Grammarly. Grammarly is an app that checks your mistakes, sets the tone of the essay, and overall helps you write an impeccable paper. The application has a free version, and we advise you to make Grammarly your frequent helper. But, remember to double-check the corrected version, as every app may well commit a mistake.
  • Hemingway Editor. While Grammarly mainly checks your paper in terms of syntax, Hemingway focuses on readability. It shows you which words do not fit the context and what should be replaced. Besides, it underlines a passive voice and recommends changing sentences to the active voice.

The Bottom Line

Writing is one of the oldest crafts that can’t be taken after without drilling. To become a prolific and skillful writer, you have to put lots of effort into it. The mentioned tips strive to help you polish your writing abilities in various terms. Whether you plan to produce academic or non-academic content, make sure to utilize these tricks. Good luck!


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