Sit in Sheldon’s Spot on the set of the Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory Set visit

Have you always wanted to sit on the couch next to Sheldon, enjoying orange chicken with him, Leonard, Raj and Howard? While the show is off the air now, sitting on the couch and checking out the apartment from The Big Bang Theory is something that fans can do – and even get the photos to prove that you were there!

Big Bang Theory Set visit

The set for Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment is at the end of our lot tour at Warner Brothers, right before you get to the Friends set for Central Perk. You can sit on the couch, look through their magazines and even grab a box of Chinese food. There are photographers on hand that can take the photos of you and your friends on the couch or you sitting in Sheldon’s spot, so you can see if it is actually the perfect spot.

Although the apartment is fully decorated like it was on the show. The double helix is right behind you and there are so many things you want to check out on the set, but your access to the area is limited and you will only be able to see the items from afar.

What Else Can Big Bang Fans See?

Big Bang Theory Set visit

If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you no doubt know the ongoing gag that the elevator is broken in their apartment building. For twelve seasons we only see them taking the stairs – that is until the very end. And part of the fan experience is seeing the elevator and stair set. In the show, the elevator lobby was used for every floor of the building with them just resetting the door numbers and the main lobby mail box.

This iconic elevator and both the doors for Penny’s apartment and the one for Leonard and Sheldon are there as well. Be sure to take the opportunity to get your photo in front of these spaces, or knock on Penny’s door and see if anyone is behind it!


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