kohler home products review

Simplify Your Kitchen with Kohler Home Products

kohler home products reviewLike most people, I like keeping my kitchen clean and organized. Before I go to bed each night, I make sure the counters are cleared and cleaned, and dishes are put away. So in order for me to place something new in my kitchen and leave it out, it has to have a good reason to be there – as well as look nice. Kohler has a new line of kitchen accessories that are streamline and server more than just one purpose.

kohler home products reviewKohler is a name I’ve known for a long time, mostly for sinks, toilets and tubs. So I was excited to see that they’ve broken into kitchen accessory lines. And while most of the products seem simple in appearance, they’re multi-use and quickly find a place in your home. Kohler sent me a flexible kitchen mat, a silicone drying mat, a surface swipe and a dish scraper. All of the items are visually simple, but are complex once you start using them.

Having a granite counter top has posed n interesting issue for me, since I don’t want a drying mat that will leave wet spots on the counter after doing a load of dishes. For the last couple years, I have been using a shower mat to keep any moisture off the counter surface to save the longevity of the seal. I was excited to check out the flexible kitchen mats and drying mats since they would not allow any water to creep through to the counter. The ridges can be used to hold plates up without any additional support. The thin profile of the mats don’t take up a lot of space visually on the counter.

I actually keep both of the mats out and next to the sink to use as drying mats, but also as a make shift trivet. The kitchen mats are temperature safe up to 500 degrees, so you can bring the boiling pot over to the sink and set it down if you need to. The smaller mat fits perfectly at the bottom of your sink to cushion breakables as you set them in there. But my favorite part about the Kohler Flexible kitchen mats is they’re also dishwasher safe. If you see them getting gross, just toss them and they’ll come out clean. I have noticed mine do pick up some soap spots, but it doesn’t effect the use of the items, so it’s never bothered me.

kohler home products reviewWhile keeping the counters clear and clean I’ve been using the Kohler Surface Swipe. The small squeegee type tool has a lip that allows it to hang on the inside of your sink when its not in use. The Surface Swipe offers a brush end to help you sweep away crumbs and the squeegee end helps you pull extra water and moisture off your counter top. It’s been a great use for brushing extra flour off my counter and cleaning up extra spills throughout the week. And while working on clean up, I’ve been using the Kohler Dish Scraper, a sturdy plastic scraper with a soft silicone corner to help you get those tough baked in items without scratching or damaging your dishes or bake ware.

The simple clean look of the Kohler kitchen accessories not only help you keep your kitchen clean and organized, but all can be used for than one use. The big bonus for me, other than function is design is the clean up. I love that all of the kitchen accessories are completely dishwasher safe for easy clean up. It seems that form, function and every thing you could want was thought about when Kohler designed these great kitchen accessories.

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