Simple Dinner Party Ideas for Your Next Get Together

dinner party ideas

dinner party ideas

Are you having friends over for a special occasion? What will you feed them? Here are some ideas for your next dinner party that won’t break the bank.

The Get-Together

Holiday time is prime time for hosting and toasting. Friends and families spend time together during these occasions and food is always involved. If you are the one providing the venue and the food, don’t break out in hives. We can’t help you with the conversation, but we can make sure that everyone is talking about the spread that you put out.

What you serve usually depends on the company you keep. Is the occasion formal? Are these family members? Is it a party for your office? The expectation is different with family and even some friends as opposed to an occasion for business or work. Determine who will be in attendance and then decide on the menu items and how extravagant you want to get.

Simple Dinner Party Ideas

  1. Potluck – This is the easiest idea to pull off. It works well with family and friends around the holidays or an impromptu gathering. Each person brings a dish. You can provide the beverages as well as paper goods but each guest is responsible for a dish for the meal weather a meat or a side dish.
  2. Themed dinners – Vive la France! Or Ole! Choose a theme for the meal. Each dish can revolve around that. For instance, if it is Mexican night, serve tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas and more. These dishes can go a long way for your guests.
  3. Appetizers – While everyone is milling around talking, put something in their hand. Grazing on Italian meatballs, Brie and toast, cheese balls and herb crackers, cocktail sausages and sweet and sour sauce and artichoke dip will keep them busy and satisfied.
  4. Keep it simple – Choose a meat like roasted chicken, pork tenderloin or roast beef as your main dish. Slice it right before serving to hold in the juices for a more tender meal. Stick with traditional side dishes like mashed potatoes or rice and green beans, asparagus or vegetable medley. Pre-slicing ensures that you will have enough for each person to enjoy.
  5. Don’t forget dessert – Don’t spend all day on a four layer cake that will only feed about seven or eight people. Try ice cream. Just about everyone loves it. Offer several flavors. Cheesecake is another idea. Don’t offer it without a variety of toppings (strawberry, cherry, caramel and etc.).
  6. Cater – When you are short on time and ideas, let someone else do the cooking. Again, if you don’t want to spend too much money, keep the menu basic to appeal to the most people.


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