Sigikid Brings Unique Stuffed Animals from Germany

Sigikid BEAR XL Review

Sigikid BEAR XL Review As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved teddy bears. They’re cute, they’re cuddly and at one point I probably had 20 on my bed. I always had my favorite bear as a kid, but I imagined they all had their own personalities and stories. When we were sent a bear from Sigikid to check out, I have to say he quickly found his way into our heart and family.

Sigikid BEAR XL ReviewSigikid is a stuffed animal company based in Germany that is finally making its way to the US. Like several other toy brands they offer a wide variety of toy options including organics, baby toys and some for older kids. The teddy bear we were sent was the Bear XL, a tall and long limbed bear with mismatched ears, and paws. He has a removable knit sweater and a tied on bandanna.  He’s made of cotton and polyester, so he could easily be tossed in the wash machine to be washed. And his fir is a mix of loops and cut fiber to give him a fun fuzzy appearance.

Sigikid BEAR XL ReviewThere are a lot of different teddy bears out there in the world, but I hadn’t seen one like the bear from Sigikid. Bears are usually fat and fluffy – to look more like a real bear. The Sigikid bear is tall and lanky, almost more like a person. the different textures and colors on the bear give him a fun personality and makes him stand out from the other options. He’s not imposing and welcomes your kids to cuddle and love him. We absolutely love the Sigikid Bear XL and you can find him on the Sigikid website and on Amazon.


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