Sibu Seven Chocolate Review – Give Healthy Chocolate for Valentine’s Day! 

sibu seven review
sibu seven
Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, love and chocolate. So this year why not give her (or him) some chocolate that is actually good for them?

Sibu Beauty has brought out Sibu Seven – Dark and Milk chocolate truffles that contain Omega 7 in ever piece! Yes, I know chocolate with healthy stuff in it always sounds a bit scary. But Sibu Seven chocolates are crafted using 100% Himalayan sea buckhorn extract to provide the healthy Omega 7 in each piece, all the while not compromising great taste and quality. And one of my favorite parts – they’re gluten free!

According to Sibu the benefits of Omega 7 oil include:

-Improved Cardiovascular Health
-Better Insulin Sensitivity
-Healthier Cholesterol Levels
-Mucous Membrane Support
-Stronger Tone and Texture of skin, hair and nails

So it’s chocolate that’s good for the heart and can be given from the heart! Sibu 7 chocolates contain no artificial preservatives, no fillers and no waxes.

Each box comes with 8 Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles and 8 Milk Chocolate Orange Truffles. At first I had to dig a little to find the orange truffles, I think all of ours shifted to the bottom of the box. But we were both eager to try them.

The truffles feel heavy when you first take them out, and while they seem like they might be hard, the insides are soft and delicious. The Dark Mint truffles are full of mint and chocolate flavor. I did taste a hint of a berry undertone, but nothing major or bad. If anything it added to the flavor. My boyfriend says he didn’t taste anything but mint and chocolate, and they have been his favorite. I love the milk chocolate orange truffles. They’re full of orange flavor and the milk chocolate melts in your mouth.

Besides being good for you, I like that the truffles use high quality ingredients in them. They’re a great alternative to mass produced chocolates full of chemicals. Why not give your loved one something that is good and good for them?

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