Showing Our #Disneyside with Friends and Family at Our @HomeCelebration Party!

Disneyside party
What do you do when you receive a huge box of Disney stuff in the mail to host your own #Disneyside party? You gather up your family, friends and favorite characters to enjoy some good food and a favorite movie! My sister had a birthday the day before the Big Game, so we threw her a big party for her instead of watching the game or any commercials.

Disney Side Home Party

It doesn’t matter if you’re turning 4 or 34, having a Disney party filled with Mickey, Minney, Donald and even newer characters can be a lot of fun. Add in some cupcakes, some homemade decorations, fondue and fruits and veggies and it’s a good time had by all!Party guests ranged from 9 months to into their 60’s, and everyone had a great time. Besides watching a movie, they could do puzzles, color or even play Pin the Smile on Mickey! We had a lot of fun gathering together and having an alternative party on the day of the Big Game, and even though Linus threatened – we had a full party! Snow wasn’t enough to keep people away from some Disney fun!Thank you so much to Mom Select, Disney Parks, All, Whisk, Wilton Brands and all of the other sponsors for a great package! We had a great time at our Disney Side party!

Show Your Disney Side



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