chamilia charm review

Show Your Mother/Daughter Bond with Chamilia Charms

chamilia charm reviewA mother daughter bond is one of the strongest out there. Often your mom is the first best friend you will have, and is one that you keep close throughout your life. It doesn’t matter where you end up, or how far you go – that bond is still there. This year, Chamilia by Swarovski Group released two beautiful new charms to celebrate the special bond between mother and daughter.

chamilia charm reviewWe were sent one of their new charms to check out and see how it worked with our current charm bracelet system. Both the My Mother, My Friend charm, and the My Daughter, My friend charm are fashioned out of .925 Sterling Silver and feature enamel insets as well as Swarovski elements. They fit on standard charm bracelets that you would get for glass beads, and you can simply slide them on. Beautifully crafted, each charm is only about a half inch wide, and tells a story that is a perfect addition to your charm bracelet.

Besides the beautiful sentiment that comes crafted in each charm, I absolutely love the look of them. One side clearly states My Mother or My Daughter, and the other side My Friend. The simple charm is a reminder of the friendship and special bond between a mother and daughter. While no charm can tell the full story of a mother and daughter’s relationship, the new ones by Chamilia can be a great start and already come in a perfect gift box for the holidays.

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