Show Your Fandom Love with Tervis Tumblers #fandomfriday

tervis fandom tumblers review

tervis fandom tumblers reviewOur generation is one of nerds, geeks and most of all fans. We may be in our thirties – but we love sharing our love for our favorite shows and characters with the world. From clothing, artwork and even the cups we carry around, we show our fandom proudly. Knowing that their users love a customized mug, Tervis has come up with some pretty awesome fandom based cups. We’re not just talking geekdom here either, they even have things for the sports nuts in your family as well.

tervis fandom tumblers reviewTervis sent me two of their large 24 oz tumblers with some of my favorite things on it – Daleks from Doctor Who and a beautiful image and saying from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Both tumblers are double walled and can be used with cold or hot beverages and will hold the temperature of your drink for hours. The image is secured between the double walls, so even running it through the dishwasher I’m not worried about it fading over time.

tervis fandom tumblers reviewBoth of the large Tervis tumblers have the Tervis lid that snaps on and has an area that slides back when you want to drink. This makes them perfect to take out on the patio, on the boat or even camping since nothing will get in your drink. But the lid is not leak proof, don’t try tipping this one over your head!

These two glasses have become my go to for enjoying a drink while at home or even on the go – the large size will fit in my car cup holders! The cups are durable and so easy to clean. I may have dropped them a few times on the tile floor and haven’t managed to even put a nick in the outside.

Find your favorite fandom and share your love with the world while keeping your drinks the perfect temperature!


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