Bosse Ergonomic Snow Shovel Review

Shovel Your Snow Easier with an Ergonomic Shovel from Bosse

Bosse Ergonomic Snow Shovel ReviewSome products haven’t changed in decades if not longer, and most people don’t see the reason for them to change. Thankfully, not everyone is okay working with the same technology we’ve always had, instead they take what we’re use to using and make it better. Bosse Tools have taken the ordinary shovels we use year round and not only made them easier to use, but ergonomic and light weight.

Bosse Ergonomic Snow Shovel ReviewBosse Tools sent me one of their professional grade ergonomic snow shovel to review, and up until today winter has not be cooperating with us! Somehow, today is our first major snow accumulation of the season, and even then it’s only about 3 inches. But under the snow is a layer of ice from the storm that came in first. Even though it’s not a huge amount of snow, it’s enough that we had to move it from the driveway and walk since more is on the way.

Bosse Ergonomic Snow Shovel ReviewThe Bosse Snow Shovel is light weight and only weighs about 5 lbs. The handle is padded with rubber for a soft grip while you’re using it for a long time. And the shaft is made of fiber glass instead of wood like other shovels, and is reinforced for a stronger shovel. The durable snow shovel can handle up to 100 lbs of prying force put on the shaft without breaking – but let’s hope we never get that much snow!

Bosse Ergonomic Snow Shovel ReviewJust looking at the Bosse Snow Shovel, you can instantly see one thing that makes it different – the 360 grip ring. This ring not only helps you get a better grip on the shovel when you’re lifting, but with a simple push of the button you can adjust it for left or right handed use and put it in the exact place for your comfort.

Bosse Ergonomic Snow Shovel ReviewOverall the Bosse shovel was up for the task of clearing our driveway, sidewalk and part of our patio area. It gave me the leverage I needed to not only get the snow out of the area, but I was able to use the stainless steel blade on the shovel tip to remove some of the built up ice we had as well. Thankfully the snow we received was light and fluffy, and it was easy to push most of it off our driveway with the Bosse snow shovel, but I was able to clear the whole area before the neighbor gave up trying to fight with his snow blower, and went back to shoveling. The Bosse snow shovel is unique in style, design and is extremely easy to use. The snow isn’t too heavy yet this year, but even when it we finally get the heavy snow the Bosse snow shovel will be up to the job, and help us get the job done quickly.

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