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dealspotr custom feedWhenever I’m shopping online the first thing I’ll do is look for is a discount code to drop the price down even a little bit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a percentage off or even free shipping, every little bit helps. But often I fend the sites to find the deal codes overwhelming and I have to find wade through sites and offers I have no interest in. Since I’ve started to use Dealspotr, it’s easy to find the codes I’m looking for and new deals every day.

It may seem a bit far off, but the holiday season is just around the corner (we plan early around here!) That means I’m checking daily to see if the perfect gift items are on sale or there’s a way to snag them cheaper. But instead of digging through piles of deals that don’t apply, I just check my my personalized feed on Dealspotr.

Dealspotr now has five different sections of your own feed for you to check out:

  • Your Feed – Your personalized deal feed. Deals are updated in real-time. Keep up with the latest deals from everything you follow on Dealspotr, from stores to people to interests
  • On Fire deals – See today’s absolute best deals, as voted by the community. Use your daily spots to vote on which deals will go On Fire and earn points!
  • Hot Deals – See today’s up and coming deals, as voted by the community. Use your daily spots to vote on which deals you think will go Hot and earn points!
  • Spot great deals and earn points – Help curate Dealspotr. Every day you get a limited set of spots to give. Be early to spot deals that go Hot and earn points.
  • My Deals – Home base for your deals. Find all the deals you’ve posted and spotted all in one place.

Dealspotr was a great resource before, but now it’s even easier to use. All you have to do is sign up, and select what you’re interested in. After creating a user name, you can select the general categories of things you’re interested in. Wearable technology? Yup they have it. Toys? They have that too! Travel deals? Absolutely! Just click and choose what you like. After you choose your categories, Dealspotr breaks it down a bit further by having you select brands you like most. That way you can see deals from the brands you love, and the items you’re looking for. dealspotr custom feeds

Think how useful this is if you’re looking for a new Apple product for someone on your holiday shopping list? You can see the best deals, and they’re updated constantly by users so you can check them out multiple times a day to find the best bang for your buck.

Spot a deal while you’re shopping online? You can even add it to the deal feeds for other people to use. Not only does that help you earn points, but it helps other shoppers too. Once you’ve spotted and shared a deal you can also do day to day actions on Dealspotr to earn points. From referring friends, voting for your favorite deal and helping others out, Dealspotr has a lot of different ways to earn and be rewarded.

In a nutshell, you earn points for doing anything helpful and positive on Dealspotr towards our end of helping more people save more money. You also earn points whenever a shopper uses your deal and sends you a kudos. Whenever you earn points, you’ll receive a notification in your Dashboard alerting you to your new points and why you earned it.

But what do you do with all of the points you’re going to be earning by helping out? For every 10,000 points you earn for sharing deals and helping others, you can redeem the points for a $10 Amazon gift card to shop online more. It’s absolutely a win-win situation, save on what you’re looking for and earn point to shop some more!

Ready to start saving? Check out Dealspotr and start saving for your holiday deals and more every day!


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