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Organize Your Shoes and Save Space with Shoe Slotz

shoes slotz reviewI love shoes as much as the next girl, but I definitely wouldn’t call myself a shoe girl. But with that being said, the organization system we have for the shoes in our house just barely does the job – barely. Even though I only have around 12 pairs of shoes – I still have problems finding the ones I want when I want them, or both of them. Somehow all of my shoes end up in the pile on the bottom of the closet, and they have to be dug out for the outfit I’m wearing.

shoes slotz reviewMost shoe organization systems, or placing your shoes on a shelf or on the bottom of the closet doesn’t take advantage of the the most space. That is until Shoe Slotz came on the scene. They sent me a starter kit to check out, and the set not only helps reduce the amount of space my shoes take, but helps keep me organized.

shoes slotz reviewShoe Slotz come in a package of six, and each of the slotz has two pieces – a larger formed piece and a heel bumper you insert into the top to keep the top shoe from sliding down. Place one of your shoes in the bottom compartment, and one one top and slide them on the shelf, or place them on the bottom of the closet. What the Shoe Slotz does is not only keep your shoe pair together, but by stacking them on top of each other reduces the amount of space each pair will actually take up.

shoes slotz reviewI found that Shoe Slotz actually worked well with my heals and my sneakers. There is only one issue with Shoe Slotz that I saw, they only hold up to size 14 mens shoes. Now, I know this isn’t a problem for everyone, but for our home where we have someone who wears 15 EEE – this system would be great if it worked for his shoes as well. I did test a pair of his shoes in the Shoe Slotz, and they actually fit! Not perfectly, but they did fit. The overall size of the shoes didn’t matter when it came to the system, but the width did. My shoes could be placed closer together since they fit the system but his had to be farther apart. But with that being said, his shoes took up less space with the Shoe Slotz than if they were just sitting next to each other. Shoe Slotz are a simple solution and can help you get organized, and find your shoes a lot quicker – no more losing them in a pile!

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