Shipping a car in 2020 - tips and solutions

Shipping a car in 2020 – tips and solutions

Whether you want to send the vehicle across the country or another continent, it can be easy. Strict organization and following a schedule is key to sending a car without having to stress. 

There are many steps to go through from preparing your car for transport to deciding whether to hire a reliable and professional car delivery company. 

Before you prepare the car for shipment, you need to plan your budget, calculate the cost of transporting the car, and weigh the delivery options. 

Then, you prepare the car for the move, send it, and then wait for it to arrive at your dream home. 

Below are tips and solutions on how to send the car quickly and without unnecessary stress in 2020. So, here we go!

Choosing A Reputable Car Shipping Company

It can be stressful to search for shipping companies. However, it is easy to look at the reviews online and choose the best. 

You should never pay anybody in advance. Nobody needs it except a cheater and scammer, as drivers get paid on delivery. The deposit is nothing more than a brokerage fee, so do not pay it until you have received a “send” letter from the car delivery company with the driver responsible for sending your car.

When you search online, some companies offer vehicle quotes from different companies. However, you should know that the rates change from time to time. They cannot be a real deal, so you must always evaluate on a higher side to be on the safe side. The prices can change depending on the distance, fuel cost, and weight of the vehicle.

You always have to choose the best of the best. You have a wide range of companies that you can choose to compare their different working conditions. You can easily compare and come up with the best option.

It is straightforward to check the legality of the company that offers you transportation. You can do this online and get a list of registered companies in the area. 

The transportation company you choose should take full responsibility and insure your vehicle as they transport it. Usually, professional carriers have a wide range of solutions for organizing shipment of whatever vehicle (and amount of vehicles) you want to transport: they offer open and closed carriers, power only solution that suits best your logistical needs, doo-to-door delivery and picking up from a certain place options and so on. There are many subtleties and, first of all, car transporters should provide you with all of the information about those subtleties and overall transporting process. 

How Much Does It Usually Cost To Ship A Car?

Although it may be more expensive to ship your car to a destination, it depends on several factors as far as it may affect your budget. 

For example, whether you transport the car by air, water or land, what type of vehicle you are transporting, what documents you provide, etc. 

The factors that determine the price of shipping your car are listed below:

Type of Vehicle

If you are transporting a truck, the cost should increase compared to what you have to pay when moving a small car or even an SUV. 

Thus, depending on the vehicle type, the cost of transporting the vehicle increases or decreases. The size, weight, and space required to transport the car to determine how expensive delivery can be.


You can transport your car to any destination. However, depending on the destination, shipping costs can also be changed. Of course, more accessible routes will be cheaper and difficult ones will be more expensive. 

The longer it takes to transport your car, the more expensive it will be, so it is imperative to know the exact shipping cost.

Time Restraints

In case of urgent delivery within the stipulated time, you will pay more. If you deliver the shipment abroad, it may take 10 to 100 days, depending on the route. 

However, if you want your car to arrive at the agreed time, you can do so by paying extra money. When you ask for urgent delivery of your car, you can use the services by paying extra money to the carriers.

Picking A Method Of Shipping a Car 

Different delivery options vary in cost, so it is essential to find the one that suits you best. First, start by finding a solution if you want to send the car in an open or closed carrier. 

Here is the difference:

The Uncovered Option

It is cheaper for two or more cars and is suitable for shorter distances. This method may also be faster as most carriers have open trailers available. 

However, the vehicle is exposed to many external elements. Any damage to the vehicle may be charged because, depending on your insurance coverage, it is more likely to be detected if it is transported on an uncovered carrier.

The Enclosed Option 

It’s safer but more expensive. If you transport your car across rough terrain, it is an option for you. The enclosed delivery option is great if you risk transporting your car over rough terrain or snowstorms. 

It can cost up to 50% more than an uncovered container, but it is much safer. Transporting in an uncovered container is cheaper, but with an increased risk of damage.

You Must Decide On Your Method Of Delivery

After selecting the type of carrier, you should think about the delivery method. 


It’s more economical but is often riskier. The issue with this type of delivery is that you must take your car to a designated terminal. 

Your vehicle will be delivered to a similar delivery terminal after it has been delivered. The terminals can be miles away from your location and may not be monitored at all times.


It’s getting faster and faster. Although door-to-door delivery is usually more expensive, it may be worth it in the end. 

A transporter usually collects and delivers your car to a specific location. It is usually much safer and eliminates the risk of theft or damage.

Look At The Insurance Policy Before Transportation

Many insurance companies will cover any damage to your car during transport. Regardless of whether your insurance covers damage, you should ensure that the transport you choose is insured. 

A reputable carrier usually deals with at least $40,000 in coverage, and we advise you to read the moving agreement carefully before you book your shipping date. Your vehicle must be insured, even if it is not on the road. 

The insurance should cover the periods when your car stops overnight and the lifting and dropping off periods.

One Day Before Shipping

Preparation is key, so to avoid unnecessary disappointment, do it in advance. Make sure you do not ignore your daily car maintenance.  

Closer to the shipment day, prepare your driver’s license, vehicle registration, title deeds, and put them aside. The driver will want to see these documents before they are shipped. 

Also, note down any operational problems the vehicle may encounter so that the carriers are aware of them. You should be as accurate as possible to know what to do if the vehicle behaves unexpectedly. 

Finally, empty any objects that should not be in the vehicle. It is recommended to check the glove compartment and boot for any unnecessary items. Some carriers charge a fee based on weight. Therefore, the only thing that should be in the car is a quarter tank of gas.

The Day Of Shipping Your Car

When the day of the delivery arrives, your car should be well prepared. Wash it and take a picture. Shippers are responsible for any damage that may occur during transport. By taking a detailed photo of your vehicle, you can determine if there were any scuffs on your car, while it was under their supervision. 

You should not forget to disconnect the alarm, fold the side mirrors, and remove the car antenna before loading the car into the carrier. 

Before you hand over your keys with the company and say goodbye to the car, ask them for a tracking number to keep track of it during transport. 

To Sum It Up

The confidence of a transportation company to transport a car often means that they are reliable and professional in providing transport services. 

We have discussed some vital tips and solutions that you need to know about choosing the best vehicle delivery company to transport your car. 

You should ensure that you look carefully before committing yourself to a company. It will help you not to get caught in a car delivery scam. 

In this way, you can do your best to make sure that you make your delivery experience in 2020 fast and stress-free.

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