Shedd Aquarium – A Day Full of Educational Fun!

shedd aquarium review
Shedd Aquarium
Along the coast of Lake Michigan, nestled at the base of the Chicago Sky Line, is Shedd Aquarium – an experience unlike any other in the city. Shedd Aquarium was opened in 1930 and has enchanted visitors from around the nation since.

My first trip to Shedd Aquarium was when I was about ten years old (or the first trip I remember). I was mesmerized by the animals and the live water show with my cousins, and honestly that’s all I remember of the trip! Dolphins jumping and fish.

Shedd Aquarium

In the past few years Chicago has become a second home to me. It is only a few hour drive from Detroit, and I have had countless conferences there. I’ve taken trips with my best friend and we’ve explored the city and what it has to offer – including Shedd Aquarium.

If you have ever visited the museum campus in Chicago you will find one of the best views of the city. But some of the best views are inside the Aquarium.

Shedd Aquarium

The main floor of Shedd Aquarium is full of fish, crabs, eel and several other aquatic wonders. General admission will cover the main floor exhibits and activity for the children and it is enough to keep your family entertained for hours. You can watch sea horses float, learn about invasive species and play with the interactive exhibits.

If you want to explore more of the Aquarium you can visit more of their exhibits including their Aquatic Show. We were treated to the tricks of White Beaked Dolphins as their trainers showed us how dolphins are trained. After the show we were able to go to the lower level and see the dolphins swimming and playing naturally.

Shedd Aquarium

Throughout the Aquarium there were several things I had not experienced even at 30! While I had previously been to Shedd Aquarium, I do not remember all of the things they have now. That could be since some of the exhibits were added in the last twenty years, or my memory could be sketchy after all these years!

Shedd Aquarium

Right now at Shedd Aquarium you can see something that is only available once in a while. A new addition to the Beluga Whale exhibit, born in August of this year! I instantly start singing “Baby Beluga” in my head. Naya, the few month old Beluga swims closely to her mother Mauyak. As we watched them swim and play, we also noticed the other Beluga Whales assist in feeding Naya. It was amazing to see these large graceful animals swim and dance in their tank. They only recently started showing Naya to the public (late October), so it would be a great time to check out the exhibit.

One of my favorite exhibits currently at Shedd Aquarium would be the Jellies. They are graceful, elegant and can be deadly! The exhibit showcases the wide variety of Jelly Fish from different regions. While it is a very busy exhibit, you are able to experience beautifully displayed Jellies swimming and dancing. I could have stayed in that exhibit for hours just watching them.

We really enjoyed our trip to Shedd Aquarium, and we were there for more than half a day. It was not only fun for all of us, but was great to learn and experience new aquatic wonders.

To find out more about Shedd Aquarium, their current exhibits and ticket prices check out their website here.

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  1. Wow, looks like a great aquarium! I don’t even remember the last time I went, but I really should think about taking Landon – he loves to see the “fishes”

  2. Looks like a fantastic place to take the kiddos! We don’t really have one in our area – but I think might when we move. I bet they’d love it! I’ll keep this place in mind for the next time we travel out your way.


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