Shaun the Sheep the Movie is now Available!

shaun the sheep the movie review

shaun the sheep the movie reviewShaun the Sheep is a name known in our family – Goonie just loves the shorts that he’s seen. And the claymation character is sweet, full of dreams and let’s not forget adorable. But will the animated shorts translate well to a full length movie? Sometimes it seems it’s a gable, but the Shaun the Sheep the Movie did not disappoint!

shaun the sheep the movie reviewLionsgate sent us a copy of Shaun the Sheep the Movie to review as well as a couple other fun Shaun the Sheep goodies to check out. I have to admit the t-shirt is ridiculously comfortable and has been a quick favorite for every day use! The movie takes you on an adventure with Shaun the Sheep and the rest of his flock as they go into the big city. The farmer has forgotten who he is, and about Mossy Bottom farm, and it’s up to the sheep to get him and all of them home.

shaun the sheep the movie reviewThe entire Shaun the Sheep movie is done in stop animation using clay figures. It was made by the same creators as Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit. The Claymation animation style gives the movie a unique feel, and like the shorts as well as the previous movies – there is no dialog. The movie has a musical score and some sound effects, but overall it is devoid of voices. While this isn’t typical for most kids movies, it will be a welcome change from the overly stimulating voices and sounds in most kids shows.

shaun the sheep the movie reviewWe had a lot of fun watching Shaun the Sheep the Movie, but even more fun with the Shaun headband that was included in our package! Besides looking extremely fashionable with our own sheep ears and puff, the cats got a chance to check it out as well. Godiva – well, she’s less than thrilled about the new accessory. And Jack thought it was awfully similar to the stuff animal he recently stole and it must be for him.

shaun the sheep the movie reviewYou can find Shaun the Sheep the Movie on Amazon and in stores near you. It has a total run time of 85 minutes and the disc is packed with special features like:

  • Making the Shaun Movie
  • Meet the Characters
  • Join Shaun Behind the Scenes
  • Meet the Crew
  • Parody Poster Gallery


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