Shaun the Sheep Books Bring the Farm to Your Home

shaun the sheep books

shaun the sheep booksFresh off heels of Shaun the Sheep the Movie comes a fun new collection of Shaun the Sheep books – based on our favorite characters and the adventures of our favorite sheep. Lionsgate released several new books based on the movie and send us a few to enjoy.

shaun the sheep booksSince we love Shaun the Sheep, the books were an instant hit in our house. The books range in different reading levels for all children. Timmy in the City is a board book that features one sentence on each page and heavy cardboard pages. The Great Escape and Shear Madness are both short novel readers for beginning readers and Shaun the Sheep Movie The Junior Novelization is a chapter book for older children and readers. Each book features our favorite characters from Mossy Bottom Farms, stories written in the same themes that we’d expect from the movies and of course drawings and images of our favorite clay-mation sheep!

We loved adding some Shaun the Sheep books to our collection and having some non-screen time options to enjoy our favorite characters. I also appreciate the fact they took the time to create the stories at different reading levels for children who are more fans of Timmy instead of Shaun.


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