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Share Your Dreams with My Dream For You is Happiness

my dream for you in happiness reviewEven when your child is little, the biggest thing about them is your hopes and dreams for them. And in a brand new book by Carole Ann Hausman – My Dream for You is Happiness hits that point right on the head. The book is considered a bed time story book, it’s short and is full of nothing but good intentions.
My Dream for You is Happiness is a hard cover book with full colorfully illustrated pages by Joanne Raptis.

my dream for you in happiness reviewThe story is simple – no matter what your child does, or the struggle they are going through – you want them to be happy. In today’s world, this is a great message for many kids: no matter what you do, you will be loved. Through hard times and bad, that the dream of happiness for the child is the biggest thing.

We absolutely adored the message and the story in My Dream for You is Happiness, and it would make a great gift for new parents, grandparents and anyone with a young child. You can find it at stories near you or on Amazon.

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