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bedface review

bedface reviewI’m always on a quest to add more color to our home and liven up our spaces. So when I stumbled on bedface, a company focusing on sheet sets and bedding I was intrigued. What makes bedface different? Besides the colors they offer, their premade sets are fun and funky color combinations that you wont anywhere else, and you can make your own combination if you want. bedface sent me one of their sleep sets to check out, I selected a queen set in Exotic – a fun set of bright yellow green, teal pillows with a medium gray sheet.

When our bedface sleep set arrived, I was instantly shocked at the feel of the material in my hands. It wasn’t as soft as I had expected, and for a brand that’s tag line is “the best damn sheets on the internet” I had expected something more soft and subtle. The reason the fabric feels different, is because it is different. bedface uses what they call facetech for their fabric, it is still 100% cotton, but has a thicker weave pattern and a matte finish. This means initially the fabric feels coarser with the thicker material, but it will loosen up and soften the more you wash it. My initial thought when feeling the fabric was it’s more a casual appearance than fancier bed sets, but the colors are fun for your interior spaces.

bedface reviewbedface suggests you wash each piece separately the first time because of the differences in colors, but our set¬†survived a wash together without any color bleeding. Each bedface sleep sets comes prewashed, but I still like to give everything a wash before using it. While our set was a queen set, I found the fitted sheet was actually quite large and made for deep mattresses. The corners weren’t barely hanging on, and this made the fitted sheet hold on better overall. bedface’s sleep sets don’t come with a flat sheet unless you order their super sleep set, which adds on the 5th piece to your set. Since I’m the only one who uses the flat sheet, I didn’t think it was a big deal not having one on the bed.

bedface reviewI love the fact the pillow cases actually have the added flap to cover the full end of the pillows when you put them on, this makes sure the tag wont hang out or your pillow wont escape as you’re sleeping. But overall, the extra bit of material gives your pillows more of a finished look and helps complete the set.

bedface reviewAll of the parts of our bedface sleep set were made with the facetech fabric including the duvet cover. Just like the fitted sheet, the duvet cover was a bit oversized for what we needed for our queen set. But I was easily able to slide our comforter inside and grab the corners and shake it into place. Unlike my previous duvet covers, the bottom actually had snaps instead of a zipper. This plastic snaps make it easy to reach in, but don’t give you a seamless appearance compared to other duvet covers.

bedface reviewWhile I was initially hesitant due to the fabric feel, I do have to admit sleeping in our bed with the bedface sleep set has been wonderful. The facetech fabric is a lot more casual, but it is a lot more comfortable to sleep with, and the fabric is actually quite breathable while you’re sleeping. It is, of course, great for our cat Jack who loves helping us make the bed. But when our goal is a good night sleep, the bedface sleep set is definitely helping with that! I’m in love with the flexibility of the colors and sets, and you can buy additional colors to change your style at any point. The bedface facetech fabric still shows wrinkles still, which I’m not a huge fan of, but right out of the dryer there are less to deal with and really it doesn’t change the performance of the sleep set. We’ve been sleeping comfortably with our bedface set, and that is the main goal.

bedface offers a 100 day guarantee on all of their products, and they’re convinced you’ll love them.¬†Interested in making your own custom bedding set? Use code week99er to save 15% on your first sleep set on bedface!


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