Shake Up Your Drinks this Holiday with the Special Touch Rum Cocktail Kit

Spiceology rum cocktail kit

Spiceology rum cocktail kit

This time of year is filled with parties, dinners and plenty of time with friends and family. During the holiday season, we all have a drink or two, but this year we’re not keeping it to the regular drink options. Spice Lab sent us a┬áSpecial Touch Botanicals Rum Cocktail kit they import from Spain, and inside is everything to take your drink from ordinary to extraordinary.

Spiceology rum cocktail kitThe Touch Botanicals Rum Cocktail Kit comes in it’s own carrying case and inside are 6 different aromatics and botanicals to add to your cocktails. Inside you’ll find┬áNutmeg, Giant Coffee Beans, Allspice, Cocoa Seeds, Cassia Cinnamon and Orange Strips. A professional citrus zester and serving recommendations also are included.

Spiceology rum cocktail kitWith just a little twist of citrus, a bit of ground all spice or some cinnamon you can transform your drinks this holiday season from the same old drink to something your guests will rave about. The Touch Botanicals Rum Cocktail Kit has suggestions and recipes to keep your drinks updated and fresh all season long.

Spiceology rum cocktail kitWe love creating new recipes and trying out new drinks in our kitchen, and with the Touch Botanicals kit, we just grab the spice inside the case and follow the directions to a new drink and experience. All of the botanticals inside the kit come in their own labeled clear box to keep them fresh and ready for your next party or night with the girls. Grab some lemons or lines and make your own curls on the drinks. Skip the bar, and make your own cocktails this holiday season.

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