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Shake Up How You Use Your Mason Jars with ReCap

recap reviewHave you joined the mason jar movement yet? We see great ideas to use them all over Pinterest, besides the obvious use of canning fresh foods in. I absolutely love our jars, and have been a canner for years. But since starting canning I’ve found several different uses for jars in our house. The glass keeps flavors from leaching into the sides, and they’re a lot more stable than using using plastic that breaks down over time. I have everything from dried fruit, flour blends to soup mixes inside jars, all neatly stored in the pantry.

recap reviewWhenever I’ve created something to store in a jar, I have grabbed a flat lid from the cabinet and used one of the rings as well. The only problem with this is I hate to use flat lids that I know I’m going to need later for canning, and once I use them on a food product I don’t feel comfortable using it to can later. Thankfully brands like ReCap have solutions for those of us who like using their mason jars for more than just canning, and reuse-able products. ReCap sent me some of their mason jar accessories to test out and see how they work in my kitchen.

recap reviewAll of ReCaps jar accessories come in both regular mouth and large mouth sized, so you can choose what you want to use them for. The first item they sent me was the Flip Cap, a simple solution for turning your jar into a container with a clasping lid. You can use it to create a holder for your Q-tips, holding your salad lunch or anything you want easy access to. With the Flip Cap Accessory kit, you can snap in a smaller shaker top, a larger shaker top or even a dated ring so you can know how long something has been in the jar. I found this was perfect for my onion soup mix and a lot easier to get out what I need. When I’m done the top just snaps closed and it can slide back into the pantry.

recap reviewThe ReCap Pour lid fit perfectly on my gluten free flour blend, and made measuring out what I need for recipes a snap. I don’t have to worry about scooping out and making a mess, instead I just open the top and can pour the mixture into the measuring cups. The Pour works great for drink mixes too since it’s actually water tight and you can shake up a drink blend inside and pour it into a glass. Your mason jars can now become your cocktail shaker! That means you can just change the lid on different jars and make different drinks in different jars in a matter of minutes.

I love the added flexibility of use with my mason jars with the ReCap lids. They help add in the functionality to the jars I already love without using lids that I need for processing. When I’m done with what’s in one of the jars, I can just pop the ReCap lids inside the dishwasher and they’re ready to go again. They’re perfect for any mason jar lover, or anyone who wants to keep a cute country feel while using even their old vintage jars.

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