Shake Up Your Grilling Routine with Exclusively Kamado

exclusively kamado review

exclusively kamado reviewEven with a variety of recipes, it seems that we stick with the same things when we’re grilling. Our grill is very well versed in burgers, barbecue chicken and steaks – and not much more. I know we’re not using our grill to our full potential or creating unique things on it. But with the recipes in Exclusively Kamado – there’s hope we will break out of our grilling routine.

Ulysses Press sent us a copy of Exclusively Kamado to review, and while the cookbook focuses on using a kamado grill to prepare the recipe you can easily translate them to your traditional gas or charcoal grill. What is a kamado grill? It’s a ceramic grilling surface that uses charcoal or wood as the heating element. It provides a different experience grilling and can be used for smoking your food as well.

exclusively kamado reviewExclusively Kamado has 50 different recipes that are designed to be used on a kamado grill. From buttermilk chicken and pizza to shrimp stuffed jalapenos, the recipes are unique and sound delicious. If you don’t have a kamado or prefer your regular grill you can still use the recipes in the cook book to prepare great meals and snacks for your family.

Besides having delicious recipes, Exclusively Kamado has beautiful photography of the food. You’ll be tempted to try more of the recipes inside the 144 pages. You can find Exclusively Kamado on Amazon and in stores near you.


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