Set off on New Adventures with Princess Rosalina

princess rosalina

princess rosalina

Do you remember your first favorite doll? Mine was a china doll that I actually took to bed with me every night – which is not exactly normal for all most kids. I loved my teddy bears and soft toys too but my china doll was one of my favorites. I actually still have her somewhere downstairs, and she use to go on the greatest adventures with me. But not every kid is ready for a china doll or likes to cuddle with one at night (I still can’t explain that myself after all these years).

princess rosalinaIf your little one isn’t quite ready for a doll that has hard parts, has small pieces or isn’t up to a bit of a toddler beatings, HABA has the perfect toy for you – a Princess Rosalina doll. She’s a 12″ doll that is completely plush. She has a removable dress, jacket and necklace but her crown and shoes are secured to her. The removable clothing makes it so you can get her other outfits to wear for different occasions.

Princess Rosalina is soft and cuddly, and the best part is she is machine washable. After an adventure in the sand box or even when she’s showing signs of too much cuddling – toss her in the wash machine on cold and air dry. In no time Rosalina and her chenille hair is ready to play again.

What we love about Princess Rosalina – she’s easy to wash and cuddle with and the best part – she has no small parts! She’s perfect for kids that are 18 months and older. Her sweet smile makes her instantly love-able and she’ll be happy to be go on any adventure your little one can imagine.

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