Send Them The Sweetness They Deserve with McCrea’s Caramel

mccrea's caramel review

mccrea's caramel review

The holiday season is filled with baked goods and sweets, but let’s be honest – not all are made the same. From boxed mixes that get the job done, to other candies that only get purchased at the holidays and you almost regret picking them up. This year make sure your guests don’t regret picking up the candy from the bowl and give them something that is made from quality ingredients but is handmade and you can taste the quality in every bite.

mccrea's caramel reviewWe were sent a selection of caramels from McCrea’s Candies to test out before the holidays. Each batch of their caramels are handmade and use a combination of finest salts, spirits, and seasonings to produce handcrafted candies. Every batch is made with butter and sugar cooked at low temperature until they are just right, then local milk and flavors are added. McCrea’s keeps experimenting with different spirits and flavor profiles and coming up with new delicious combinations to transport you to new destinations with each bite.

Some of the flavors they offer include:

  1. Black Lava Sea Salt with salt crystals straight from Hawaii’s volcanos is sure to remind of luaus, leis and luscious sunsets
  2. Classic Vanilla made with fair-trade organic vanilla tastes of travel to Madagascar and beyond
  3. Ginger Fusion evokes the flavors of Southeast Asia
  4. Single Malt Scotch with bottles of Ardmore scotch poured right into the bubbling caramel is sure to conjure visions of men in kilts (enough said!)
  5. Tapped Maple summons images of fall foliage – the reds, golds and yellows of a glorious fall day in New England
  6. Café Noir with freshly ground coffee beans calls to mind trips to Central America; and
  7. Cape Cod Sea Salt enables the recipient to dream of seaside summer trips

mccrea's caramel reviewWhen we first opened our McCrea’s Caramels we were thrilled at the packaging alone. The fact that it is in a beautiful display, even the pillow boxes made it even more enjoyable. But the packaging is more than meets the eye, it’s actually recyclable and biodegradable – which adds an extra star to the candy in our book. Inside each package you’ll find hand wrapped caramels that look homemade but artisan at the same time. The real magic happens when you bite into one of the caramels and it starts to melt in your mouth. With smooth textures, a punch of salt as you go and flavors that hit the sweet spot – you’ll instantly fall in love.

Your guests will love the flavors, the variety and of course a quality candy when you give them McCrea’s Caramels, but you may end up finding that you want to enjoy them all yourself.

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