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True Rest Detroit Review

True Rest Detroit ReviewThe outside world is overwhelming. It’s hard to put your phone down most days because of notifications constantly going off. I could say that’s part of my job, since I’m always online, but the reality is even on the days I’m not working it chimes constantly. Once you set the phone down, it continues to nag me until I check it. On a normal day, I can’t work in silence and often have music or television on. The normal day to day incoming stimulus is overwhelming, but with daily news, current politics and everything going on – the stimulus is almost overwhelming.

True Rest Detroit ReviewIt happens to all of us, we have sensory overload, and a lot of the time it effects our health and stress level. Through yoga or meditation we can help reduce it – but you can’t usually turn everything off completely. Last year, I tried floating for the first time, an hour long session relaxing in an Epsom salt bath with reduced stimulus. You can select the level of sensory reduction, by including music, leaving the pod open or lights on. The separation between you, the outside world and technology even for a short period of time can change how you look at the world and how you approach stress when you get out.

true rest detroit reviewSince my first visit to True Rest Detroit, I’ve wanted to go back. The first floating experience was amazing, and with stress overwhelming me lately, it was a welcome escape returning to True Rest. In the last month, True Rest has also added in a Muse meditation machine, that guests can use before or after their appointment. The areas are calm, relaxing and from the moment you walk into True Rest, you begin to step away from the outside world.

Inside my own suite, I turned my phone on Do Not Disturb and prepped for an hour to myself. My first time floating I closed the pod lid and didn’t have a problem, this time I took the next step and actually turned out the lights completely. I found myself in complete darkness where I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. An hour in complete darkness, quiet, and no outside stimulus was absolutely amazing. It helped me reset, feel refreshed and gave me a new perspective on things I was working through. As an added bonus, my skin and hair feel amazing days later.

True Rest Detroit ReviewWith a world coming at us non-stop, we need to find time to take care of ourselves. If it’s something small like a treat, a walk in nature or an hour with absolutely no stimulus is perfect. Floating can help with body pain, stress and has even been shown to help with symptoms of PTSD.

True Rest Detroit offers free floats on the 11th of every month to Veterans and current service members. They reserve one pod suite for the day, and offer 8 slots at no fee for service members. Call to make your appointment, or book online.

True REST Float Spa | Detroit
30911 Orchard Lake Rd
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
(248) 702-6805

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