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Sunset cruise Mackinac Island

The mighty Mac is iconic, the largest of it’s kind in the Western Hemisphere, and down right impressive when you drive up to it. We all know the Mackinac Bridge spans the straights of Mackinac from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan to the Upper Peninsula, a distance of just around five miles. Just the sight of the bridge is intimidating, and driving over it is an experience of it’s own. You can get great views of the bridge from both Mackinaw City and St Ignace but is there a different way to experience the bridge as well?

Sunset cruise Mackinac IslandDid you know you can get up and personal with the bridge from the water? From this angle you can see the scale of the bridge and the amount of engineering that it took to build the bridge, and that continues to maintain it to this day. But not everyone has their own boat to make this journey, but there tours that take you around the bridge and even under it so you can watch as the cars whiz over you on the grates above.

Sunset cruise Mackinac IslandThere isn’t a bad time of day to experience the Mackinac Bridge (weather providing of course) but our favorite has to be at sunset. Not only do you get to enjoy the absolute beauty of the structure but of the lakes and nature around it. We were treated to a boat tour of the area and from beautiful views to a great sunset – the tour did not disappoint.

Sunset cruise Mackinac IslandDon’t have your own boat to hit the water with? You can head on out on the Sip N’ Sail for a sunset cruise with drinks and live music included. These cruises leave from Mackinac Island and range from 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. Take your favorite friends for a sight seeing tour they wont forget. Sights include a view of the island, Round Island lighthouse, the north side of Mackinac Island and cruising under the Mackinac Bridge at sunset.

A few facts about the Mackinac Bridge:

  • It was constructed in 1954, connection the two parts of our state
  • It spans 26,372 feet and is 552 feet above the water
  • Maintenance on the bridge never stops, once they finish one end they have to start at the other end again
  • You are able to walk to the bridge each year at Labor Day – More information on the Mackinac Bridge Walk
  • It is the Longest Suspension Bridge in the US!


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