See Large Cats like Never Before with Nature: Super Cats from PBS

PBS Super Cats DVD Review

We love watching them, and drawing similarities to our own cats at home. They purr, they play and they’re oh so beautiful. Everyone is intrigued by big cats, but how much do we really know about them? In “NATURE: SUPER CATS,” viewers get a never before seen glimpse into the lives of these wild creatures. Filmed over a span of 600 days in 14 different countries, the three-part program features 31 different cat species, including the Iberian lynx, the margay from Central and South America, and the deadliest cat of them all — Africa’s tiny black-footed cat.  

Narrated by Oscar-winning actor F. Murray Abraham, (“Amadeus”) NATURE: SUPER CATS unveils the various lives these creatures lead from the solitary bachelor snow leopard in the Himalayas to the elusive swamp tiger of South Asia. It follows exquisite predators such as one exceptional bobcat in California, blind in one eye yet able to capture airborne prey.

“SUPER CATS” also reveals the social sides…their complex communication, devoted parental care, courtship rituals, hunting patterns and more. Remote cameras and low-light technology help capture rare moments in the lives of wildcats including a swamp tiger taking a bath in the sea, a behavior never before revealed on screen.

The three episodes included in “NATURE: SUPER CATS” are: Extreme Lives, where we meet the planet’s ultimate cats, including the cheetah, the snow leopard, the Canada lynx, and the African leopard.  Using the latest scientific research, we are exposed to the inner life of these cats like never before. In episode two, Cats in Every Corner, we discover how cats thrive in almost every landscape on earth from the wetlands of Asia to the world’s oldest desert in Africa to the forest of Central America and in the secluded beaches of California. Episode three, Science and Secrets, reveals how new approaches and technologies are helping to uncover some of cats’ most intimate secrets, including the cheetah’s remarkable gymnastic abilities and why lions are able to hunt so cooperatively.  

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Other programs available from PBS Distribution include “NATURE: BIG CATS,” “SHOW CATS,” “NATURE: THE STORY OF CATS,” and “INSIDE NATURE’S GIANTS: BIG CATS”

NATURE: SUPER CATS” is a BBC Studios production for PBS and BBC with THIRTEEN Productions LLC, co-produced by France Televisions. 


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