Second big Haul!

couponing haul
Couponing Haul
As I’m getting more into couponing and figuring this out- I’m finding I’m doing a bit better and getting everything worked out before I go. I estimate that I spend about 10 hours doing this a week- with clipping organizing and shopping. Which is definitely worth it with the savings we’re seeing. I can’t believe the deals you can find out there combining coupons and in store deals..
The best deal I found this week was at Walgreens. They currently have Gillette Body wash 3/$10 and you get $3.00 in Register Rewards. I combined this with 3 $2/1 coupons for the body wash which brings the price down to $4.00 for 3 body washes. You can also combine this with the Buy One Gillette Body Wash Get one Gillette Deodorant Free. So 3 Body Wash and 3 Deodorant for $4! And when you subtract the $3 RR it’s only $1 for all of it! Talk about a great deal and a great way to stock up!

This week’s haul includes 5 Planters Nut-rition, 2 bags Rold Gold, 5 body wash, 8 deodorants, 3 pantiliners, 5 BBQ sauces, 4 full size tooth pastes, 6 tooth brushes, 5 travel toothpastes, 3 boxes bandages, 1 gauze packet, 1 box Cortaid, 1 Benadryl Spray, 4 laundry detergents, 2 Ore-Ida Crisp boxes, 6 magic tapes, 2 Air Wicks Lasting Impressions kits, and a few bits of candy for that coupon ratio.

Total out of pocket $58.82 – $13.00 Walgreens Rewards – $4.00 (remaining) Rite Aid +UP Rewards = $41.82. The MSRP is $248.93 for a total savings of 84%! It was quite the haul and a trunk full!

I also wanted to note that the purchase of the first aid items qualified me for $5.00 +UP Rewards at Rite Aid- as well as provided me with the items needed to send in for a Free First Aid Kit being sent to me!

couponing haul

After I finally got everything put away and my errands done I checked the mail box and found these waiting for me. GoodNites diapers for my nephew and Texas Pete Hot Sauce, which also has coupons and recipes (triple win!)

I think there are a couple more items I will have to go out for later this week, but this is the a pretty good haul and start to the week.  What have you found out there this week? Any good deals to share?


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