Peugeot Pep'S Review

Season Each Meal Perfectly with the Peugeot Pep’S

Peugeot Pep'S ReviewA great meal is seasoned when it comes to the table. We don’t tend add much to our meals, but that doesn’t mean our guests wont want to add a bit more salt or pepper to their meals. We all know at least one person that always adds more seasoning to their meals. And while we’d all love to have professional salt grinders and pepper mills on our tables for each meal and our guests to use, not everyone has the space or the budget to enjoy that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a smaller 2 in 1 Salt shaker and pepper mill to use every day – and that’s where the Peugeot Pep’S comes in.

Peugeot sent us one of their Pep’S 2 in 1 Salt Shaker and Pepper Mills to review. When I first opened the package, I was actually shocked at how little it was! The actually Pep’S is only 8 cm or 3.15 inches tall, and definitely not the size I’d expect in any pepper grinder! But packed inside the little size is a lot of space and everything you’d need to have a salt shaker and pepper mill that fits right in your hand.

Peugeot Pep'S ReviewThe Peugeot Pep’S does come with fresh black peppercorns inside, but the top salt shaker is not filled. So in order to use the salt shaker portion you will need to fill it. Like traditional pepper mills to fill the Peugeot Pep’S, you simply unscrew the nut on the top and take the unit apart. To get to the top salt area you have to remove the black rubberized top as well, which is easy to do – getting it back on was a bit harder. You can also remove the salt shaker section and add more peppercorns as you need. To reassemble the Pep’S, simply stack the parts on top of the bolt, fit the salt shaker top on and screw the nut back on top. The salt reservoir can be filled by just removing one side at a time and pouring more salt in instead of completely disassembling the complete unit.

Peugeot Pep'S ReviewThe holes of the salt shaker are for smaller grains of salt. In our home, we tend to use sea salt for everything so finding a smaller grain was a bit harder than I thought. We don’t have Iodized salt in our home, but I was able to find some Sea Salt with Black Truffles hiding in the pantry. The smaller salt granules worked perfectly with the salt shaker, and made it so we could easily get this decadent salt to our dishes.

Peugeot Pep'S ReviewThe base of the Pep’S is actually curved so the unit will rock back and forth. In the base of the unit is a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel grinding mechanism designed specifically to grind whole peppercorns. The grinding mechanism is what Peugeot has been known for and set as a benchmark for almost two centuries. The French grinder packs a powerful punch and high quality grinding in a tiny grinder such as the Pep’S.

The Pep’S is actually made mostly out of acrylic, but the grinding the mechanism and Peugeot’s quality gives this little salt shaker and pepper mill a high quality feel. It also comes with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Coming in at just under $25, the Peugeot Pep’S fills the need of high quality grinders at a reasonable price. The shape and the pop red color make it a great modern addition to your table for your upcoming parties and meals.

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