Sea Turtles and the Place You Get to Hold Them! #CCLWinter

Sea Turtle Farm
Sea Turtle Baby
Cruising allows you to do things you would never do at home. At home we can see a lot of exotic animals from around the world but only behind glass or bars. Today on our trip through the Georgetown, the capitol of the Grand Cayman Islands we spent a portion of our time at the Cayman Turtle Farm. Not only do you get to see Sea Turtles of various sizes, but you actually get to hold one! Isn’t he just adorable?
Seven Mile Beach
Besides being blessed with extremely beautiful weather – yes, I hear it’s quite horrible back home – we were able to go around Georgetown a bit and to a few neat spots. Besides being the banking capitol of the world, Grand Cayman Island also is home to Seven Mile Beach. Boasting white powdery sands and azure water, it’s an ideal place to spend the day. We unfortunately only saw it through the window of our tour bus! Instead we made a stop at the Tortuga rum cake factory where you can sample rumcake, their strong and tasty rum and see a small collection of animals.

It was a very quick day trip to Grand Cayman Island, but there were shops for everyone and anyone and almost every budget! And as an added surprise my towel creation tonight was a sea turtle – they must know I love them :).

We’re off to see a magician tonight, and will wake up in Cozumel. Who’s ready for some real tacos and some great shopping?



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