Say You’re Sorry with Apuglogies

apuglogies review

apuglogies reviewSometimes saying you’re sorry is one of the hardest things to do – but it’s a lot easier when you’ve got an adorable dog on your side. Ulysses Press has the perfect way to say you’re sorry with this small little book of Apuglogies – apologies made by the adorable faces of pugs.

apuglogies reviewWe have dog lovers in our family and knew that Apuglogies would be perfect to stuff in their stocking this year, so we were thrilled with Ulysses Press sent us a copy to check out. Inside are 20 pages of adorable pugs with fun apologies with the cutest dogs on one. The front side of each Apuglogies has a sad looking Pugs trying to make amends with your friends and family, and the back has a lined area where you can write in what you actually want to apologize for. Every of the Apuglogies is perforated so you can tear out and give them to friends or slip them into a a card.

What are you trying to apuglogize for? Is it for eating all their cookies? Making the situation too heavy? Or how about missing the holiday parties? Apuglogies has you covered – and the book is small enough to slide into a stocking of your favorite dog lover! You can find Apuglogies online or at your local bookstores.


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