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Save Space and Stay Organized with the Hang It Jewelry Organizer

Hang It ReviewOver the years, my jewelry collection has gotten a bit out of hand. I have a large standing jewelry chest that is completely full, but that doesn’t stop me from picking up more jewelry. For me, jewelry is one of the best souvenirs from a trip since they’re small and come are great reminders every time you wear them. With traveling a lot, and having a membership to my favorite Fandom of the Month, I get a new shipment of fun and dorky jewelry all the time. So, the jewelry collection continue to grow – and so does my need for a place to save and store it.

Hang It ReviewJust Solutions has a space saving jewelry organizer called the Hang It and sent me one to check out. Essentially, it’s a clothes hanger with additions to add your jewelry – but really it’s so much more. With places for earrings and loops for your bracelets and necklaces, the Hang It helps keep your jewelry pieces organized but also stops any from getting tangled up. The slim design of the Hang It and the hook on the top make sit easy to grab and go from one room to the next. When I’m getting ready in the morning I can bring it with me and hang it right on the towel bar, or return it to the closet when I’m not using.

Hang It ReviewBesides taking advantage of the vertical unused space in your closet, I love that the Hang It includes spaces for your earrings as well as necklaces and bracelets. The bottom loops are easy to slide a closed necklace on top, so you don’t have to undo and redo the clasp each time, and the top can hold several different types of earrings and space them out. I did find that some earrings were a little wide for the spacing provided, so they took up an extra space. And some bracelets had to be clasped onto the system, but even with that the Hang It held more jewelry than the dish I usually toss everything into. Its a great space saving solution, but more than that – it helps keep things easily accessible and quick to find in the morning.


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