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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

This summer I’ve been trying a lot of new things, from trying cycling classes and even finding local yoga classes. I’m more of a dabbler when it comes to fitness classes, with yoga being my thing. But without wanting to break down and have a full commitment to a program or a gym, I’m always looking for places to try a class or two. When I’m not checking out a new place opening up, or a new fitness event, I will look at Groupon Things To Do. The page helps me find other fitness classes that I can try at a discounted rate to try out, as well as spa services (my favorite!)

groupon fitness dealWhat I love about the different options on Groupon is not only can you find something new to try – have you ever tried a Barre class? Or how about Zumba? But you can also find it at a discount! I found a local work out package with 10 classes for only $45! It’s enough to sample the different classes they offer and to find the ones that are the best for me. And with a break down of under $5 each class, it’s a commitment I can get behind. Probably my favorite part is I can actually see ratings on the venue from past users, and read to see if it’s a place I’d actually want to take a class at.

Canyon Ranch Tuscon (5)If I’m in the mood for pampering instead, Groupon actually has deals for local spa services too. You can save over 50% on therapeutic massages, salon services and anything you need to help you feel pampered and beautiful. It’s the perfect way to save some money, and one of my first places to stop and check for deals before making my next appointment.

Groupon is always putting new deals on their site, be sure to stay connected with them on Facebook and Twitter so you never miss a deal.


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