Save Space On Your Counter with a Yumi Arched 3-Tier Server

Yumi Arched 3-Tier Server Review

Yumi Arched 3-Tier Server ReviewIn our home, we like to eat as fresh as possible. And even in the winter my counter space is littered with bowls of items that shouldn’t go into the refrigerator. Tomatoes, onions, potatoes – they were taking up precious counter space that my I could use for prep, cooking or other items. This only gets worse when the pear trees and our garden is booming, so I’ve been looking for a solution to help get more fresh produce without taking up the valuable counter space.

Yumi Arched 3-Tier Server ReviewEarlier this year, Spectrum Diversified released a great solution to my problem – the Yumi Arched 3-Tier Server. It’s an aged bronze color steel basket system that all stacks gracefully together. Spectrum Diversified sent me one to help us save counter space.

Yumi Arched 3-Tier Server ReviewThe Yumi basket system is great for every day use or for displays if you are having a party. The open front design makes it easy to reach into every layer and get the items out you want. The Yumi measures about 19″ x 12.5″ by 13 inches with the flared out base. The height does make it slightly too tall to slide under standard upper cabinets (they usually  measure 18 inches). That height might be the only issue I have with the Yumi, but it does sit comfortably at the edge of my counter without taking up too much extra space.

The Yumi saves me so much space on the counter, it’s taken the place of so many other bowls. It’s been a great addition to help keep my counters organized and clean between meals. Once summer harvest starts to come, I may need a few more of the Yumi 3-tier servers to keep up with all of the produce. But with the use of the Yumi basket, I’ll already be saving space for more freshness.


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