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Saturday the day of planning

Happy Saturday everyone! Today is a suppose to be the day for resting, but instead it’s turning into a day of planning. This weekend is actually my first weekend in a long time (over a month I’d say, maybe two) where I don’t have plans.
Originally my plan was to go downtown and go to Eastern Market, one of the largest and oldest farmers markets in the nation. I love market day, and love that I can fill my counter top with fresh fruits and veggies for under $40 – I usually only take $30 with me, and they last for weeks. At some point yesterday I decided I didn’t want to go to the market- well that’s not entirely true- I love the market and I would love to go – but it’s my day off, I want to sleep (read on to see how that went), I want to putz in the gardens today if the weathers nice. I normally leave my house by 8:30 on market day to be down there by 9 for hopes of a parking spot. But I think this weekend might be flower weekend – another reason to avoid it – double if not triple the amount of people who go down there.

For some reason I stayed up until 4 am last night – mostly organizing my coupons and looking over the couple ads and posting a few good deals I found. Part of it was watching stupid movies and Chelsey Lately… whatever the reason it was a lot later than I should have stayed up last night. And then for some reason I was up at 8:30. I had to hit the bank, which is only open from 9-12 today, I had to pick up Tim Hortons for breakfast for someone who was still in bed. I had to do things! Which obviously was more important than sleep.

When I say I have no plans this weekend, I honestly mean it. My friend/shopping/market buddy is off to a day long scrapbook crop, my business partner/friend is in Chicago for a girls weekend, my family is on the other side of the state and tonight my boyfriend has guys night. I will be alone – utterly alone from 3 pm until 1 am? Whatever shall I do? I’m not use to this type of alone time. Yes, I work from home and spend the day convincing the cats that “no, my laptop is not a large heating device for you” – but I don’t have to touch the computer if I don’t want to. I could do some yard work, like I planned to originally – or that can wait until the soil firms up and dries out some more. I could do the laundry, dishes or clean up  – but isn’t that better for tomorrow where it is suppose to rain again (sigh).

So what will I do today? Plan! that’s right plan.. and shop a little. I want to check out this other Walgreens location to see if I can get the couple products I want, or a raincheck at least. I am going to get one more Purex from Riteaid.. if they have any left that is. I think I’m going to stop by one or two of the Krogers to see if I can get the free hot pockets. And apparently I need to stop and get new headlights – no coupons involved in that purchase, but it’s a lot cheaper than a ticket.

In a little bit we’re going to run out to Costco and a couple other stores before he takes off, then I’ll do my shopping later. Then.. I think I’ll sip some tea, enjoy the sun and see if I can find any more good match-ups for this week. I will post any as I find them – and they may be from other blog sites, I’m still new at this, so I may miss some as we go.

Later I will be posting a few tips I’ve found in the past month that have been super helpful for couponing. Happy Shopping and if you’re as lucky as we are today- enjoy the sun! r your support!

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