Samsung M5 & Wireless Hub Review – Available at Best Buy During Audio Fest @BestBuy  #AudioFest

samsung m5 speaker review

Best Buy Audio Fest Samsung M5

There are more and more speaker technologies to pair our wireless devices with while we’re on the go. They can be small, fit in your pocket but having a Bluetooth only speaker may be a little limiting. But they are an increase in different types of speakers and technology available that goes beyond your phone, and has speaker qualities that are beyond the speaker systems we use to live with.

Best Buy Audio Fest Samsung M5

One of these newer systems is the Samsung M5 Speaker and the Samsung Wireless Speaker Hub. Best Buy sent me a set to test in our home and see if it would help us with our sound issues in our home. Our biggest issue? Our flat screen TV has rear projecting speakers, which means that we lose a bit of sound. But in our new house, it also means that you can hear the TV better in the bedroom than you can in the living room! Which will make sleeping a little harder!

The Samsung M5 Speaker can be set up to work with your phone, your wireless network, multiple speakers within the same home and even with a computer. The app to connect the speaker to your phone can be found for both Android and iPhone devices. You can even find a QR code in the manual so you can just can it and get the app and you’re ready to go.

Best Buy Audio Fest Samsung M5

On the back of the M5 you will find not only a USB connection but also an Ethernet port. That way you can quickly plug in and connect to another device or your router. But that’s not all it does! You can connect your phone or device with both Bluetooth or NFC with just a tap of your phone to the device. It’s that quick and easy to have music playing on the go, and without wires!

So what do you use the Wireless Hub for? It’s used to connect the speaker to your computer or your router, so your speaker can be anywhere you have power. It also allows you to connect more than one speaker to your system, so you can have different zones of sound or the same music playing where ever you go in your home. No more music dead zones! You can take control of your mobile audio experience with high quality sound and take it on the go with you. Choose your favorite audio source from your device, or Rhapsody, Pandora, Amazon music or any other and always have your audio on the go!

The speakers are actually pretty heavy and have high quality speakers inside. You can put them on a shelf in your space, on the table, in the kitchen or even use the included mount and attach them to the wall. We’re currently working with setting up our M5 system with our home theater, and using it as a surround sound system. And since the M5 speakers are Bluetooth you can use it talk while you’re working. Imaging walking room to room and not losing your caller, all while not holding your phone at all!

One more great feature of the Samsung M5 Speaker and Samsung Wireless Speaker Hub – you can connect more than one device with it at a time. That being said, you can enjoy music from your device or anyone else’s. Share a song, enjoy each others music or change the mood with different devices. It also means if you have more than one speaker and more than one device connected you can listen to different songs on each speaker at the same time!

Right now Best Buy is having their Audio Fest sale and specials. You can visit Best Buy until August 30th to check out the deals on speakers, headphones and more. Stop in to check out the deals or test out any of the awesome speaker sets they have in store. You can find the best solution for your audio problems and shape the way you hear your music or movies!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free


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