Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy Camera – Perfect for Blogging, Sporting Events, Traveling and More #Verizon

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Every day of my life I’m taking pictures. Either in our day to day life, when we’re traveling, for the blog or just of delicious food that just came out of the oven. I’m always pulling out my point and shoot camera, my DSLR or using my phone. But with each one, getting my pictures online and quickly can be a problem.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

For months now I’ve been drooling over the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Not only does it take images with a 16 Megapixel sensor, it is small and compact, but it also has a tablet back. I’ve wanted to play with one more than just at the store, but haven’t been able to save up enough money for one yet. Luckily, right before I left on my trip last month Verizon sent me one to review.

When I’m on the go, I always want to take high quality pictures. What you see on the blog is only a small amount of the images I take every week. And depending on the event I’m attending, I may want to share images on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook instantly. This is easy to do on my phone but the images aren’t always the best. But when I use my traditional cameras I have to wait until I get home to upload an image, and have yet to find a way to do to upload the shots to Instagram. The pictures I take are great, but its not very flexible.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera seems to be the answer to the problems I was having. Not only was I able to instantly upload an image to my social media accounts, but I also was able to completely connect to the camera. The night the camera arrived I signed into my Google accounts on the camera, it not only made it so I could check my email but also automatically backed up all of my images on Google+.

It didn’t take long for the camera to become one of my favorite devices was always attached to my wrist. The weeks that I had the camera I took it on a few PR trips before our actual trip out of state. The instant sharing and back up already had me sold on the camera, but the picture quality and other features were fantastic. The Samsung Galaxy Camera has a rapid fire shooting option, that takes seamless shots back to back. This was great for taking action shots at a Detroit Pistons game. not only was I able to get action shots that my other cameras would miss, but Google+ stitched them together in some great animated gifs.

You can see some of the images from the Pistons game, as well as side by side comparison of images taken with my DSLR and the Galaxy Camera. While I didn’t have as many manual options as I would on my DSLR when I was shooting images at the North American International Auto Show, the image and lighting quality in the images are pretty close. I don’t know that I would always rely on the Galaxy camera for every shot, but I would feel confident taking pictures at any event.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

The small size of the Samsung Galaxy camera makes it ideal to carry in my purse, instead of having to carry a large camera bag with me. And as an added bonus, it even has a built in flash. I’m not a huge fan of using flash in pretty much any situation, but the quality of images it takes is much better than any point and shoot I’ve had in the past, or even currently have.

With a broken heart, I packaged the Samsung Galaxy camera up and sent it back to Verizon. Before I played with it, I knew I wanted the camera. But now that I was able to actually play with it and learn its features, it is has been upgraded from a want to a need. The compact size, image quality and flexibility and ease of upload is fantastic.

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