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We all enjoy getting good deals, and what’s better than Free? We love free! If we get something free from using our coupons, or if we sign up and it shows up in the mail- it’s like Christmas all year long!
If you are signing up for free items make sure you’re doing it smartly. Think about it, no company is going to give you something for free without expecting some sort of payment from you. Whether it is your address for marketing purposes, monetary purposes, or even future sales – free is not always free.
I’m not discouraging signing up for freebies at all – just make sure you know who you are signing up with.

If you ever question a page source- don’t sign up for it. Below is one site I often question it’s validity. Don’t get me wrong – this very well may be a legitimate site. I just know I have never received anything from any of their offerings. I also do not enjoy having to sign up for “other offers” to get a package of fruit snacks (or whatever else they are offering).

Spam Freebie Site

And this part freaks me out too – look at that massive HUGE list of small text. All that legal mumbo jumbo that could really cost you in the end.
legal language

Now as I said before, this very well could be a legitimate site. I just know I stay away from any of their offerings.

Just a few tips for freebies (most are common sense)

  • Never give away information you don’t want to. This includes SSN, Credit Card Numbers, and anything you wouldn’t give to a stranger
  • Only put in for things with companies you trust – if it’s not a company you don’t know that doesn’t mean you wont get it, just be cautious.
  • If an item is FREE but they want your CC info- chance are it’s not legitimate – and it will probably cost you a lot more in the long run.
  • If you ever question a freebie check out The Scam List
  • If you decide to sign up from freebies from companies you aren’t familiar with, use an alternate email address. This is actually a good thing to do for all freebies. Create a free account on yahoo, gmail or hotmail. That way if for some you do end up on some spam list it will not plug up your main email account.
  • Check your alternate email address – sometimes you have to confirm your request before they will send you a freebie.
  • If you sign up with a company and they are only giving out a certain amount of products, don’t hesitate to send them the email anyhow. You may get something else in the mail (coupons!)

Remember freebies are FREE – if it never comes, it stinks but we didn’t pay for it! Just be careful of what you’re signing up for – it may be fun to sign up for freebies and have them flood your mailbox but sometimes they’re not really free!

Check out more tips and tricks here!


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