Rubbermaid Clean & Dry Plunger Product Review and Giveaway

Rubbermaid plunger review
Rubbermaid Plunger
Now, I don’t usually allow “potty talk” on my blog or Facebook wall. But there is no way to talk about this product without bathroom talk!

Let me introduce you to the new Rubbermaid Clean & Dry Plunger. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before and to put it simply – it’s fantastic! ย Yes, that’s it sitting on my counter, and I was yelled at when it was still there and someone came home. Not that I would put the plunger back on the counter after it’s been used, but I would be less of a problem than your traditional plunger.

Check the plunger you have in the bathroom. If it’s ever been used, then you no doubt have seen it get wet, gross and then it leaves a mess on the floor. No matter how long you let it dry before you put it down, it is still covered in germs and bacteria.

Take a quick watch of the video below – do you notice anything different?

It’s amazing isn’t it? You can put the plunger in the toilet, in with the… mess – and it comes out dry and clean. How does it do it? The plunger’s bell and pole are coated in a special NeverWet nanotech coating that keeps all of the gross away. After you put it in your toilet and use it, it wont transfer the water, the mess and germs to your floor.

You can use the plunger over and over and it wont ever get wet or break down. They say you can use it for thousands of cycles before it wont work anymore. Just make sure you don’t touch the bell or pole or use soaps on the plunger, since this will break down the NeverWet coating. And if you don’t feel comfortable with the plunger, or want it even cleaner you can always use bleach to clean it.

I love that the plunger doesn’t transfer any of the mess to the floor. I just wish that the bell was a little larger or they offered a double bell option for those harder to fix clogs.

These awesome plungers are at major retailers like Meijer, Target, Home Depot, Walmart and Menards and available online for approximately $12.99.

Now, that’s the end of the bathroom talk on the blog, but make sure you go thank Rubbermaid – they’re letting me give one lucky fan a Rubbermaid Clean & Dry Plunger. Make sure you Enter to Win!

Find Rubbermaid online:ย 
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  1. It’s super hard to choose which Rubbermaid products I like best, but it’s got to be a tie between their kitchen products and storage/organization products. I can’t get enough of them, and look for the Rubbermaid label above any other. The ones I use most are probably their food storage containers, though!

  2. Well to choose is very difficult. But i am a big storage container person so i am going to go with storage containers.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway. I like the storage containers the best. I wasn’t aware Rubbermaid even made plungers!!

  4. To be honest its hard to chose I simply love all rubermaid the storage containers but I am relly like those new no spill cups.

  5. My husband works for Rubbermaid, and they did a demonstration of this plunger, and my husband said everything they claim this plunger will do, it does! I hope to get one when the store stocks up on it.

  6. I never go anywhere without my rubbermaid bottle. i drink a lot of water and it has never leaked on me. My husband has a love affair with Rubbermaid storage containers. lol They are everywhere in our basement.

  7. Plungers gross me out to know end…and there seems to be no one place to store ours that is completely out of sight, but still avail for a emergency. Ours is ugly even when it’s clean!


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