Room on the Broom Review & Giveaway

room on the broom giveaway
Room on the Broom
It may seem a little early to start talking about Halloween, but we all know that it’s here just as fast as that first day of school! August is Family Fun month and a great way to kick it off is by enjoying a good book or movie with the kids.
NCircle Entertainment sent me a copy of Room on the Broom to read to Goonie as well as the newly released DVD to review. Both are a great for spending time with the family and get in the mood for Halloween! What happens when a witch loses her hat and and as she’s going through the air on her broom? Take your little on this fun adventure this fall.

August is national Family Fun Month – check out some great activity ideas to spend time with your family:

August 23 is Ride the Wind Day    
No broom is required as you can catch a ride on a gentle summer breeze by flying a kite, riding a bike, standing on a hill or just driving in the car with the windows down!

August 26 is National Dog Day
Where would our witch be without the help of a dog?  This day, organized by the National Dog Day Foundation, honors dogs everywhere for all that they do for us -€“ love, companionship, protection, service, safety and so much more.  Get your kids involved by playing a little longer with your family pooch, by volunteering at your local animal shelter, donating unwanted blankets to Operation Blankets of Love or by making a family donation to one of the many worthy animal rescue groups.

August 27 is Just Because Day
As the final days of summer get swept into the early days of Fall, this holiday gives us all a chance to do something special €œjust because. Replicate the kindness of the witch and the helpfulness of the dog, bird and frog.  Open your heart as the cat ultimately did—and before you know it- iggety, ziggety, zaggety, zoom  you’€™ll be falling in love with Room on the Broom!

So are you in the mood for Halloween – or looking for more fun ideas to do with the kids?

Why not make your own witches or wizard hat? Or make a mini witch broom! The opportunities are endless – have fun and spend some extra time with your family this month!

Would you like to win a copy of Room on the Broom book and on DVD? Read how to enter below!

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite activity to do with the family is.  If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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  1. Here lately it has been Christians weekend projects every week they send a project home for parents to do and it counts as volunteer hours for the head start class and we have been doing them as a family the first was to make musical instruments we made water bottle shakers little drums and harmonicas this week it is a nature walk and to make a poster of what we found we are doing a seasons 1 leaves for fall cotton balls winter still have not figured summer out and spring flowers. We also enjoy game day once a week where we play games that evening and we have a movie night here and there and park day where we pack a picnic and go to the park!

  2. We like to visit different museums and go hiking
    PS It’s NEVER too early for Halloween. Halloween is bigger than Christmas in our house


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